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Madushan Bandara

Madushan Bandara

Hey, I’m Madushan, and I live in Sri Lanka. I have over six years of experience in WordPress design, growth, hosting, speed optimization, branding, monetization, and other online works. I share helpful guides/reviews on WordPress, hosting, themes, plugins, blogging, online tools, marketing, and other topics.

SiteTut is another of my blogs that provides in-depth guidance and recommendations on web hosting, WordPress, themes, plugins, web tools, writing, digital marketing, and other web-related stuff. I give helpful tips that are clear and simple for making good choices.

My recommendations are honest and only include details that I have experienced. This website is not created for affiliate marketing, SEO, or earnings. Yes, I keep affiliate links on my website. If anyone purchases through them, I receive something and use it to keep the website active for hosting CDN and other products. This blog does not contain any paid or guest posts. I don’t allow paid or guest articles. I only publish what I know and what I work with. If I like something, I’ll tell you. If I’m not happy, I’ll let you know. Also, I do not promote garbage hosting, bad themes, or slow plugins. Always stay away from these things.

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My Skills

I’ve been working with WordPress for years. I’m still working as a WordPress designer, speed and performance, and other WP consultant. And little SEO.

Speed Optimization

I’ve worked on many bloated sites with many requests to load. I’ll show you everything I can on WordPress speed strategy!

WP UI Design

I’m a UI guy. I play with plenty of themes and love working with design stuff on web pages with WordPress+Gutenberg.

Content Marketing

I’m not a marketing guru, but I know things about WordPress marketing. SEO, content marketing, and social platforms.


Consultant for WordPress themes, plugins, web hosts, CDNs, performance, and other technical experts.