10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers (Useful For Advertisers)


In this post, we’ll look at the best crypto ad networks for publishers. They may be helpful for advertisers. There aren’t many ad networks for the Crypto niche. But with a well-designed website and excellent crypto content, you’ll have plenty of ad networks to monetize your website, including AdSense and other Google AdX partners

And aren’t many ad networks for crypto tools and projects, and I looked around but only found a few. But, if you have a high-traffic website, even in Crypto tools and projects, with 50k+ monthly visits, you have tons of chances to monetize your website, app, and tool.

Also, Google now allows cryptocurrency exchanges to promote through Google Ads. There are some limitations, like local legal conditions, but I’ve recently noticed many crypto ads on Google, like this one. Even plenty of Binance ads.

Google cryptocurrency exchanges ad

Many crypto websites, especially content websites, use Google partner networks. First, you should try reputable ad networks like Adsense, Ezoic, Monumetric, SetupAd, etc.

Native ad platforms like Dianomi, Adskeeper, and some work well with the crypto niche. Check out my posts, Adsense alternatives, and best native ad networks for further info.

Coinzilla is the most popular crypto ad network and most used platform in my research. Bitmedia, A-ADS, and Cointraffic are also widely used, and some medium and high-traffic websites work with BuySellAds. I’m not an enthusiast of crypto. But let’s look at some crypto ad networks for publishers (perhaps they can be helpful for advertisers).

Top Cryptocurrency Ad Networks

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network

Coinzilla is a trendy CRYPTO ad network that provides a complete solution to publishers and marketers. They provide multiple ad formats, whether mobile or desktop, in many sizes. If your website is related to cryptocurrency or finance, you can comfortably monetize your website with this ad network with many reputable ad partners.

Coinzilla serves as a CPM model, and you will pay for impressions. They are solid and only accept quality websites with specific traffic. And the good news is that Coinzilla provides quality ads rather than harmful ads like smart links, notifications, pop-unders, etc.

Coinzilla Requirements & Payments

Coinzilla did not specify their minimum traffic requirements, but you must have a certain amount to be approved. They only accept websites and tools related to cryptos and finance. If you have that type of website, you should sign up and submit it to the publisher platform. Coinzilla will proceed to show ads on your website once approved.

Coinzilla allows you to get payments automatically on a monthly or weekly schedule. The minimum withdrawal amount is €50 through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or Wire.

Coinzilla Ads

Like other ad networks, Coinzilla provides publishers with various ad formats, including basic banners, native ads, sticky header ads, anchor ads, etc. You can test out several ad formats to see which ones work best for your website and place.

But Coinzilla ads can slow down your website because of animation ads. They are always harmful to page speed and can significantly impact core web vital. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about unrelated ads because Coinzilla constantly displays cool ads, and you can even block specific categories. Here are some Coinzilla ads.

Coinzilla Ads

Coinzilla has been a leading Self-Serve crypto ad network since 2016, and most of its partners are crypto-based, like Marketcapof, CCprice, etc. Coinzilla should be your first choice for a website with a crypto/finance niche. Here is a good review of Coinzilla.

2. Bitmedia

Bitmedia Crypto Ad Network For Publishers

Bitmedia is another cryptocurrency ad network. Using this platform, you can easily monetize your site. Bitmedia is also a full-service crypto agency that focuses on growing high-converting display ads. And, yes, their ads look great and are parallel to Coinzilla.

The good news is that if your website is not related to crypto, but is decent, you may approve. But your content/tools must be in the same niche, like finance, news, etc.

Bitmedia Payments

There are good and bad things. The best part is that the minimum withdrawal amount is $20, and there are no withdrawal fees. You can even get paid on requests. The downside is that they only accept payments in Bitcoin. If you choose Coinzilla, you can be paid via bank transfer, but Bitmedia accepts BTC. It’s ok if you are a crypto guy; otherwise, it’s not.


Bitmedia does not define any traffic requirements, but you must have a certain level of traffic. They primarily accept websites related to digital currencies, but there is a chance for other similar niches. And the majority of your traffic should be organic and social media. Otherwise, you risk being banned. That is a regular sight for all ad networks.

Bitmedia Ads

Bitmedia ads look good, and they use HTML5 banner ads in various sizes for different locations with all possible sizes. So you can select one based on your requirements.

Bitmedia monetizes your website traffic through CPM and CPC, but I cannot guarantee that you will always get the best-filled rates. Like others, they use animation ads that can affect page speed and overall UX. But you can customize to users’ best practices and try to keep excellent UX at all times. Use improved cache plugins like FlyingPress.

Bitmedia ad examples:

Bitmedia ad examples

Bitmedia is a decent crypto ad network for both publishers and sellers. However, in the publisher’s view, you can only be paid in BTC, and ads are not always filled in all slots, nor are there high CPM/CPC rates. Yet, it is a good side revenue platform with Coinzilla.

3. A-ADS (Anonymous)

A-ADS (Anonymous Ads)

My simple explanation for A-ADS is that it is a crypto ad network for all niches. That means you can work with A-ADS despite your website/app niche and don’t need to sign up. 

A-ADS works as a CPA, CPM, and even CPC, but the CPM and CPC rates are too low. The CPM rate is less than one USD for non-crypto websites. However, there are some perks to using A-ADS, like the chance to display ads on adult websites (CPM rates can be very low).

If your website is related to crypto, they offer fair rates that exceed $5.

A-ADS is a cookieless service that doesn’t collect personal or site data and lets you log in using an access code. There is no approval or onboarding; create ad units and place whatever you want. A-ADS payment issued in BTC with a minimum of 0.001 BTC.

Display Ads

You get a similar problem with A-ADS due to animated ads. Overall their ad codes are lightweight and have a minor impact on page speed, which you can easily customize with a cache or assets optimization plugins with script optimization.

They have a variety of ad sizes from adaptive and 120×60 to 970×250. You can also use ad filler, including Investments, Gambling, etc. Some examples of anonymous ads.

Some examples of anonymous ads.

I don’t recommend A-ADS for reputable websites like blogs or other quality apps, tools, etc. A-ADS is best suited for cryptocurrency websites. And if you cannot monetize websites with scrap content, adult, or other non-standard websites, A-ADS can help as a small-side revenue platform. Don’t expect much from them for unrelated websites.

4. Cointraffic


Cointraffic is a self-serve advertising network for cryptocurrency-related websites. They are similar to Bitmedia, Coinzilla, and others, but some complain that Cointraffic ad spaces are not always filled. And have some different ad formats that work in CPM mode.

Cointraffic Requirements and Payments

Cointraffic accept crypto-related websites and prefers content websites but can also monetize your tools, stat websites, or other crypto-related sites. They don’t get websites that are unrelated to the crypto niche. Your website needs at least 5K monthly visitors with a user-friendly interface. Also, publishers can get support from an account manager.

Cointraffic payouts for BTC wallets in €25 min threshold.

Or to bank transfer minimum payment threshold is €300. Bank transfer is a relatively high threshold; HAH! You can request payment at any time if you reach the minimum threshold.

Cointraffic Ads

Cointraffic offers a range of ad formats, including in-page, header banner, slide, Sticky, Pop-under, and Native Ads. All ads provide geo, device, niche, and user targeting. They also feature animated ads, most of which share a similar style. See some ads here:

Cointraffic Ads

Cointraffic is a good ad network for your cryptocurrency website, and you can combine it with other ad networks like Coinzilla while maintaining good UX. Cointraffic gives detailed performance metrics. Daily, you can see how many impressions & revenues. Their news release distribution feature is limited to reputable publishers with good traffic.

5. AdsFirm


AdsFirm is a cryptocurrency-focused ad platform for publishers and advertisers. They are less well-known than others but offer successful ad design and fill rates. You can also handle it as an advertiser/publisher or referral from the same dashboard with AdsFirm.

AdsFirm, as just a cryptocurrency ad network, only accepts crypto-related websites and projects, and you’ll need to sign up and provide your website via the dashboard.

They will start showing ads on your website after confirmation. Although AdsFirm guarantees a 99% fill rate, I’ve occasionally noticed blank ad spots and irrelevant ads.

They primarily provide banner ads in various sizes; all you have to do is place HTML codes. They only offer BTC for withdrawal at a minimum of $50; you can inquire anytime.

AdsFirm Ads:

AdsFirm Ad

But I can’t guarantee that this ad network will work as Coinzilla or Bitmedia because it is still in the early stages. Try AdsFirm and share your experience.

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds Logo

BuySellAds is a well-known advertising company that works with developers, crypto enthusiasts, and digital innovations. They serve with the CPM model. BuySell is not an entire crypto ad network like Coinzilla, but you can use them on your crypto website. 

They are a Self Serve ad platform with valuable features, including header bidding, ad block recovery, private marketplace, and direct sales to optimize earning potential.

You can access metrics like total earnings, ad spaces, impressions, clicks, rates, CPM, and predicted revenues through the BuySellAds reporting dashboard.

Header Bidding Management

Header Bidding is a big plus for growing your revenues because they associate with various demands. The benefit header bidding provides publishers is a higher output and the possibility to auction on all bidders. But that isn’t the only reason header bidding benefits publishers. This demand goes up yield while optimizing earning potential.

BuySellAds Publishers Requirements

BuySellAds, Google, and Media.net all have strict policies for publishers.

First, you’ll need a suitable niche, like developer, design, crypto, digital technologies, etc. They occasionally accept lifestyle niches, but not often. Second, more than 100K monthly ad impressions mean no page views or hits, just ad impressions. It’s difficult to say how many visits are required to meet that target, but I think it’s at least 20k+ monthly visits.

Your website must be finished and updated with regular content. Another critical point is that BuySell only accepts English websites. It is not suitable for non-English websites.

There are various other criteria, but most of the time, they approve high-quality websites.

BuySellAds Ads & Payments

BuySellAd’s CPM rate is relatively low compared to other ad networks. And their ads are very user-friendly, with various formats such as native ads, text ads, podcasts, display ads, and even email ads. They have built an ad-block recovery to recover lost revenues.

BuySell Native Example Ad
BuySell Native Example Ad

BuySellAds accept checks, wire transfers, and PayPal. Minimum threshold: $20 for PayPal, $50 for checks, and $500 for wire transfers. The payment schedule is 30 days.

BuySellAds is a user-friendly ad network; their other platforms are Carbon ads and Coin.Network. If you are a beginner, you need to wait until you get good traffic/content, but if you are already an enthusiast, BuySell will suit you, even your crypto website.

7. Coin.Network

Coin.Network Cryptocurrency Ad Network

Coin.Network is a cryptocurrency ad network (another brand of BuySellAds) used to monetize crypto websites. Coin.Network serves contextual advertising (display and native ads) related to the website’s content. The ad structure blends with your coin website’s content, providing a better natural user experience with many demand partnerships.

Coin.Network is similar to BuySellAds in offering Net-30 payout options such as USD ($), BTC, ETH, and LTC. They provide a variety of display and native ad formats, including rectangles and leaderboards, and their native network offers crypto-focused designs.

Coin.Network functions programmatically, and many major websites use them as a monetization option, so you can maximize your revenue potential. Yet they only accept websites with considerable traffic, making them unsuitable for small publishers.

If you have a Coin-related website with more than 10,000 page views, you can apply to Coin.Network to reach your ad revenue targets. I haven’t used this ad network, but I heard good things about it. Give it a shot, and let me know how your experience with it.

8. Adsense/Ad Manager

 Google Ads

It sounds crazy, but AdSense and Google Adx partners accept crypto content websites for monetization. They mainly get content websites and occasionally approve tools and projects. Suppose you have a decent website with content in the crypto niche.

You can try Adsense, Ezoic, Media.net, SetupAd, and other reputable ad networks that are better than just crypto ad networks. You can see that many websites with Crypto and finance work with AdSense and Google partners, but tools and projects are rare.

Even large websites like Investopedia, Investing.com, Bloomberg, etc., discuss Crypto and work with large monetization platforms, while crypto analytic websites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap use great ad networks.

Examples of crypto websites that use Google ads:

Examples of crypto websites that use Google ads

Google AdSense and the Partners Network work with Crypto websites and usually offer great CPM/CPC rates. Still, the ads are not always relevant because Google has some crypto guidelines and does not always display those ads. But it’s still worth a shot.

9. Adsterra

Adsterra Logo

Adsterra is another ad network that works with any niche, including cryptocurrency. They also have some crypto partners. However, I cannot guarantee that this work will be as good as others and won’t offer competitive CPM/CPC rates.

You can use Adsterra to combine ad formats, like on-page push ads and popunders or classic banners and video pre-rolls. Even so, some of their ad formats, like push, popunders, and smart links, can harm your website’s UX and interface, even SEO.

Payments & Requirements

Adsterra pays publishers twice monthly and accepts Bitcoin, PayPal, Tether, Wire transfer, WebMoney, and Paxum. The minimum payout for WebMoney and Paxum is $5, $100 for Bitcoin, PayPal, and Tether, and $1000 for bank transfers. You can also accept payment through Payoneer, which is made in euros, with a minimum payout of $500.

Adsterra gets any website except adult, so you don’t need specific traffic or a niche to enter. They provide various ad formats and affiliate links to monetize your web property.

Another good news is that Adsterra can be used without a website. If you have a FB group, a YouTube channel, or even mobile apps, you can use them to monetize your audience.

Adsterra Ads

I’m not a fan of Adsterra and its ads, and I don’t recommend a good website for Adsterra. Still, if you want to give it a shot, they have a variety of ads, including popunder, social bar, page push, native banners, and so on. And pricing models like cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-click, and cost-per-thousand-impressions.

Adsterra ad examples:

Adsterra Ads
Adsterra Ads

I’ve heard that Adsterra works well with top GEOs but not so well with Asians and others.

10. PropellerAds

 PropellerAds Logo

I hate PropellerAds because of their crap ads, but the platform is straightforward, and publishers can create ad codes and use them on their websites. 

The second pro is plenty of payment methods and lower thresholds. They offer PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire with NET-07, and the payment threshold is just $5.

Some cryptocurrency websites, especially projects and tools, use PropellerAds and have many partners with financial promotions like Trading. PropellerAds typically gets any niche except adults and beginner friendly with a nicely designed dashboard.

PropellerAds use some bidding options, including CPM, CPC, and CPA, but I used them on a few websites and couldn’t find a good earning, but I got poor user experience and SEO.

Propeller Ads

This is the negative factor of Propellerads for me because you can’t find any decent ads on them. They have harmful ad formats like push notifications, in-page push, pop ads, interstitials, and direct links (enter to ad landing page). All these ads are not ideal for good UX and are even harmful in SEO(Google). I always leave websites with these ads.

These ads occasionally work with download, torrent, and clickable websites because users try to grab those, but it isn’t a good practice for other websites.

An example of a push notification from PropellerAds:

Propeller Ads push notifications

Of course, PropellerAds is a user-friendly platform with a low payment threshold and various payment options. But that does not mean they are incredible. PropellerAds can work well with some niches and websites but is not recommended for reputable sites.

The direct problem with crypto ads is many animation ads, which can negatively impact your website’s performance in multiple ways. To address this, use better web hostings services like Guru, caching options, and CDNs.

To End

I hope you enjoyed this article about crypto ad networks.

There are few crypto-specific ad platforms, but you have chances to monetize your crypto web property. The good news is that even small websites can help you get started.

To be honest, if you want to succeed as a professional, you must recognize the types of websites and tools that earn revenue. It’s fine and helpful to publish about your habit. However, there is no earning potential from such practices.

Picking a niche is vital when considering how to make money with a blog or any other web tool. Because crypto is related to finance, most people give it little thought, which is why there are few options for crypto ad campaigns.

Nevertheless, you can still use AdThrive, Ezoic, Mediavine, AdSense, Optad360, and other good ad networks and publisher optimization services with your content website.

In terms of crypto ad networks, Coinzilla is the best option. Bitmedia and A-ADS are even suitable options. BuySellAds is smart if you have a good traffic website. Use something other than Adsterra, PropellerAds, Adcach, and other UX-harming ad networks.

I’ve also shown you simple ways to monetize your crypto website, app, and tools. Try them out and let me know how they performed for you in the comments section.

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