10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers (Useful For Advertisers)

We’re gonna look at the best crypto ad networks for publishers.

It may be beneficial for advertisers to use these crypto ad platforms.

Crypto advertising platforms aren’t that common. But You’ll have plenty of ad networks to monetize with a well-designed website and well-crafted crypto content, including AdSense and other Google AdX partners.

I looked around but found only a few ad networks for crypto tools and projects. You can monetize your website, app, and tool with a high-traffic website, even if it’s a crypto tool or project with 50k+ monthly visits.

Some crypto-related products and services can be promoted with Google Ads. Despite this, they’ve got limits and guidelines to keep things in line, including some restrictions on crypto-related content.

However, I’ve recently seen a lot of crypto ads like these:

Google cryptocurrency ads

There are a lot of crypto websites that use Google partner networks, especially content websites. You should first try reputable ad networks like Adsense, Ezoic, Monumetric, Clickio, etc.

Native ad networks like Dianomi, Adskeeper, and some others work well with the crypto niche. Note that advertising platforms periodically change their regulations.


  • Coinzilla is the most popular crypto ad network and platform in my research. 
  • Bitmedia, A-ads, and Cointraffic are also widely used.
  • BuySellAds works with most medium- and high-traffic websites.

My interest in crypto isn’t a big one. However, let’s look at the best crypto ad networks. They might be useful for advertisers. Let’s continue.

Best Cryptocurrency Ad Networks

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network

Coinzilla is a trendy crypto advertising network that provides publishers and advisers a complete suite of services. You can choose from multiple ad formats for mobile and desktop. With Coinzilla, you can monetize any crypto or finance site.

Coinzilla ads work on a CPM model; you get paid per impression. They have multiple reputable ad partners. These guys are solid and accept only quality sites on their network.

Coinzilla's publisher-friendly features
  • Requirements: Coinzilla did not specify their minimum traffic requirements, but you must have a certain amount to be approved. They only accept sites and tools related to crypto and finance. If you have a website like that, you should submit it to the Coinzilla platform. Once approved, they will begin to display ads on your site.
  • Payments: Coinzilla allows you to get payments automatically on a monthly or weekly schedule. The minimum withdrawal amount is €50 through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or bank transfer.

Coinzilla Crypto Advertising Platform

Like other ad networks, Coinzilla provides various ad formats, including banners, native ads, sticky header ads, anchor ads, etc. Try out a few different ad formats to see what works. Additionally, Coinzilla is a great place for advertisers to launch campaigns.

You can also track your campaigns and site’s performance with Coinzilla’s detailed statistics. Their ads are on quality sites like Coingecko, CoinGape, CoinDesk, etc.

What I like about Coinzilla is that it delivers quality ads instead of harmful ones like smart links, notifications, pop-unders, etc.

But With their animated ads, Coinzilla ads can slow down your website. These things slow down pages and can negatively impact Core Web Vital. Use improved cache plugins like FlyingPress to avoid those issues.

However, you should not be concerned about irrelevant ads since Coinzilla displays cool ads. You can even stop specific categories of advertisements. Despite this, the user experience on these Crypto advertising platforms isn’t very good.

Here are some examples of Coinzilla ads:

Coinzilla ad examples
Coinzilla Cryptocurrency Ads

Coinzilla has been a leading Self-Serve crypto ad network since 2016, and most of its partners are crypto-based, like Marketcapof, CCprice, etc. Coinzilla should be your first choice for a cryptocurrency, blockchain-related, or finance site.

2. Bitmedia

Bitmedia Crypto Ad Network For Publishers

Bitmedia is another cryptocurrency ad network. It’s Straightforward to monetize your site with this platform. It’s even a full-service crypto agency that does high-converting display ads. It’s pretty similar to Coinzilla’s ads, too.

There is good news; however, if your website is not related to crypto but is decent, you may be able to get it approved. Your tools or content have to be related to the niche, like news, finance, etc.

Bitmedia Payments has good and bad things. The good thing is that the minimum withdrawal is $20, and there are no withdrawal fees. You can even get paid for requests.

The bad thing is that they only accept Bitcoin payments. If you choose Coinzilla, you can be paid via bank transfer, but Bitmedia accepts BTC. I guess it’s okay for crypto guys but not everyone else.

Requirements: Bitmedia doesn’t specify traffic requirements. However, you need some traffic. Their primary focus is on sites related to cryptocurrencies. I think there’s a chance for other niches like that. Most of your traffic should come from organic and social sources. If you don’t comply, you’ll be banned. It’s a common sight on all ad networks.

Bitmedia Cryptocurrency Ads:

Bitmedia ads look good, and they use HTML5 banner ads in various sizes for different locations with all possible sizes. So you can select one based on your requirements.

Like others, they use animation ads that impact page speed and user experience. Maintain excellent UX and customize it to users’ needs. Also, make sure your host has enough resources, like Rocket.net.

These are a few examples of Bitmedia crypto ads:

Bitmedia crypto ad examples
Bitmedia banner ad examples

You can monetize your website traffic with Bitmedia through CPM and CPC. Despite that, I can’t guarantee you’ll always get the best CPM and fill rates. However, Bitmedia is a decent crypto advertising network for publishers and advertisers.

In the publisher’s view, you can only be paid in BTC, and ads are not always filled, nor are there high rates. Along with other platforms, Bitmedia is a reliable source of extra revenue. They’re also a good alternative to AdSense.

3. A-ADS (Anonymous)

A-ADS (Anonymous Ads)

My simple explanation for A-ADS is that it is a crypto-ad network for all. That means you can work with A-ADS regardless of your site or app category and don’t need to sign up. 

You can use A-ads as a CPA, CPM, and even CPC, but the CPM and CPC rates are too low. CPM rates for non-crypto websites are less than one dollar. Although using them has some advantages, such as displaying ads on adult websites (rates can be extremely low).

If your website is related to crypto, a-ads offer proper CPM rates surpassing $5+.

Look at this image for CPM rates for crypto:

A-ads CPM rates for crypto

A-ADS is a cookieless service that doesn’t collect personal or site data and lets you log in using an access code. There is no approval or onboarding; create ad units and place whatever you want.

A-ADS payments are issued in BTC with a minimum of 0.001 BTC.

You have a similar problem with animated ads. They have a variety of ads, from adaptive to classic banners. Also, you can use ad filler for certain types of content, such as:

  • Investments
  • Gambling
  • Adults
  • High-risk investments

Overall their ad codes are lightweight and have a minor impact on page speed, which you can easily customize with a cache or assets optimization plugin with script optimization.

Here are some examples of cryptocurrency ads from A-Ads:

A-ads cryptocurrency ads

Note: I don’t recommend A-ads for reputable websites like blogs or other quality apps, tools, etc. They are best suited for crypto websites. And if you cannot monetize websites with scrap content, adult, or other non-standard websites, A-ADS can help as a small-side revenue platform. Don’t expect much from them for unrelated websites.

4. Cointraffic


Cointraffic is a self-serve advertising network for cryptocurrency-related websites. They are comparable to Bitmedia, Coinzilla, and others, but some complain that Cointraffic ad spaces are not always filled. They have some different ads that work in CPM mode.

Cointraffic accepts crypto-related websites and prefers content websites but can also monetize your tools, stat websites, or other crypto-related sites.

They don’t get websites that aren’t related to crypto. Ensure you have a user-friendly interface and at least 5K monthly visitors. Get in touch with your account manager.


  • Payouts for BTC wallets in the €25 minimum threshold.
  • Or to bank transfer minimum threshold is €300.
  • Bank transfer has a relatively high threshold.
  • You can request payment at any time if you reach the minimum threshold.

Cointraffic has a lot of ad formats, like in-page, header banner, slide, sticky, pop-under, and native. Geo, device, niche, and user targeting are all available.

They also have animated ads, most of which look similar.

Here are some Cointraffic crypto ads:

Cointraffic crypto ads
Cointraffic ad examples

Cointraffic is a good ad network for your cryptocurrency website, and you can combine it with other ad networks like Coinzilla, Bitmedia, etc., while maintaining a good UX.

Cointraffic gives detailed metrics, and you can see daily impressions and revenues. Websites like morocotacoin.news use Cointraffic. Their press release feature is limited to reputable publishers with good traffic and the crypto and Blockchain industry.

5. AdsFirm


AdsFirm is an ad platform that provides crypto advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers. They’re less well-known than others, but their ads look fine. AdsFirm also lets you manage advertiser, publisher, and referral accounts in one place.

AdsFirm, as just a cryptocurrency ad network, only accepts crypto-related sites and projects. You just need to sign up and provide your website. After verification, they’ll start showing ads. It doesn’t matter if you have traffic or not.

I’ve seen blank ad spots and irrelevant ads even though AdsFirm guarantees a 99% fill rate. And you can’t get the same CPMs and CPCs as other crypto ad networks.

These are some examples of crypto ads from AdsFirm:

AdsFirm Ad
AdsFirm ad examples

AdsFirm primarily provides banner ads in various sizes; all you have to do is place HTML codes. They only offer BTC for a minimum of $50. You can inquire anytime. 

But I can’t guarantee that this ad network will work as well as Coinzilla, Bitmedia, Cointraffic, etc. Because it is still in the early stages. Give AdsFirm a try, then let me know what you think.

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds Logo

BuySellAds is a well-known advertising company that works with developers, crypto enthusiasts, and digital innovations. They serve with the CPM model. BuySell is not an entire crypto ad network like Coinzilla, but you can use them on your crypto website. 

BuySellAds targeted specific markets.

You can access useful metrics like total earnings, ad spaces, impressions, clicks, rates, CPM, and predicted revenues through the BuySellAds reporting dashboard.

Their self-serve ad platform includes header bidding, ad block recovery, private marketplace, and direct sales to maximize earning potential.

BuySellAds Header Bidding Management:

With header bidding, you can grow your revenues because it is associated with multiple demands.

With header bidding, publishers get a higher output and can auction with all bidders. But that isn’t the only reason header bidding benefits publishers. Boosts yield while maximizing earning potential.

BuySellAds Requirements & Payments:

BuySellAds, Google, and Media.net all have strict publisher policies.

First — you’ll need a suitable niche, like developer, design, crypto, technologies, etc. Sometimes, they’ll take lifestyle niches, but not always.

Second — more than 100K monthly ad impressions mean no page views or hits, just ad impressions. It’s difficult to say how many visits are required, but I think it’s at least 20k+ monthly visits. More or less.

Your website must be finished and updated with regular content. Another critical point is that BuySell only accepts English websites. It is not suitable for non-English websites. There are various other criteria, but they mostly approve high-quality sites.

BuySellAds accept checks, wire transfers, and PayPal as payment options.

The minimum threshold:

  • $20 for PayPal
  • $50 for checks
  • $500 for wire transfers

The payment schedule is 30 days.

Crypto advertising with BuySellAds

BuySellAds provides programmatic ad management and resells ads from Rubicon, Gumgum, Google, Sovrn, and plenty of others. Popular crypto websites such as Coingecko, Whattomine, Forkast-news and many others use BuySell to monetize their sites.

BuySellAd’s CPM rate is relatively low compared to other programmatic ad networks. And their ads are very user-friendly, with various formats such as:

  • Native ads
  • Text ads
  • Podcasts
  • Display ads
  • Email ads

They have built an ad-block recovery to recover lost revenues.

BuySellAds crypto Ads
Crypto Ads

BuySellAds is a user-friendly ad network—their other platforms are CarbonAds and Coin.Network. If you are a novice, you need to wait until you get good traffic, but if you are already an enthusiast, BuySell will suit you, even your cryptocurrency site.

7. Coin.Network

Coin.Network Cryptocurrency Ad Network

Coin.Network is a cryptocurrency ad network (another brand of BuySellAds) used to monetize crypto websites. Coin.Network serves contextual advertising (display and native ads) related to the website’s content.

With many demand partnerships, the ad structure blends with the content on your coin website. Coin.Network is similar to BuySellAds in offering Net-30 payout options such as USD ($), BTC, ETH, and LTC.

They provide a variety of display and native ad formats, including rectangles and leaderboards, and their native network offers crypto-focused designs.

Coin.Network Partners

Coin.Network functions programmatically, and many major websites use them as a monetization option, so you can maximize your revenue potential. They only accept websites with considerable traffic, making them unsuitable for small publishers.

You can apply to Coin.Network if you have a Coin-related website that gets over 10,000 page views. Despite not using this ad network, I’ve heard good things about it. Try it, and let me know how it goes.

8. Google Ads

 Google Ads

Google AdSense and Google ads partners accept crypto content websites for monetization. They mainly accept content sites but occasionally approve tools and projects. You can see that many websites in crypto and finance work with AdSense and Google partners.

Suppose you have a decent website with content in crypto. You can try ad networks and management services such as:

  • Adsense
  • Ezoic
  • AdPushup
  • NeworMedia
  • Next Millennium
  • Media.net
  • Setupad
  • Etc.

There are a lot of other reputed ad networks out there that are better than just crypto ad networks. Large websites like Investopedia, Investing.com, Bloomberg, etc., discuss cryptocurrency news and work with large monetization platforms.

Crypto analytic sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap use great ad networks. Websites like Cryptoglobe, Ambcrypto, and Newsbtc monetize directly with AdSense and other Google ad partners.

Here are some Google crypto ads:

 Google crypto ad examples

With Google AdSense and its partners, you can usually get better CPM and CPC rates on crypto websites. Google doesn’t always show crypto ads because it has some crypto guidelines.

I think you should prioritize one of Google’s partner networks over others because they’re respectable. They also give you a better fill rate and CPM rate. AI and machine learning are also among their leading technologies.

9. Adsterra

Adsterra Logo

Adsterra is a popular ad network that works with any niche, including cryptocurrency. They have some crypto associates. I cannot guarantee that this work will be as good as others and won’t offer competitive CPM or CPC rates.

You can use Adsterra to combine ad formats, like on-page push ads and popunders or classic banners and video pre-rolls. 

Payments & Requirements:

Adsterra accepts any website except adult sites, so you don’t need specific traffic or a niche to enter. You can monetize your website with various ad formats and affiliates.

You can also use Adsterra without a website. You can use Facebook groups, YouTube channels, or even mobile apps to monetize your audience.

Adsterra pays publishers twice monthly and accepts Bitcoin, PayPal, Tether, wire transfer, WebMoney, and Paxum.

The minimum payouts:

  • WebMoney and Paxum – $5
  • Bitcoin, PayPal, and Tether – $100
  • Payoneer – $500
  • Bank transfers – $1000

How Adsterra works as a crypto ad network?

Honestly, I don’t like Adsterra or its ads, and I don’t recommend a good website for Adsterra. Also, they cannot deliver the same results as specialized Bitcoin ad networks because they can only serve as a partial cryptocurrency ad network.

But if you want to try it, they have various ads, like popunders, social bars, page pushes, native banners, social bars, and video ads. Adsterra has advanced targeting options like geographic, device type, OS, browser, and language.

Adsterra Pricing models:

  • CPA: Cost per activity or step, including purchase, installation, and referral
  • CPC: Like AdSense, you get paid for ad clicks
  • CPM: well-known approach, get paid for ad impressions

Some of their ad formats, like push, popunders, and smart links, can harm your website’s UX, interface, and SEO. Users may feel compelled to leave your website immediately.

Here are some Adsterra ad examples:

Adsterra ad examples

I’ve heard Adsterra works well with top GEOs but not Asians. Plus, Adterra ads aren’t friendly to the user experience, so this isn’t a great option. But Adsterra has a self-serve dashboard and a user-friendly interface.

10. PropellerAds

 PropellerAds Logo

I hate PropellerAds because of their crap ads, but the platform is straightforward, and publishers can easily create ad codes and use them on their websites. The nice dashboard makes it easy for beginners.

Additionally, there are multiple payment options and a lower threshold for payments. With NET-7, you can use PayPal, W-Money, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire.

Some cryptocurrency websites use PropellerAds, especially projects and tools, and have partners in financial ad sectors like trading, gambling, etc. PropellerAds usually get any niche except adults.

PropellerAds use some bidding options, including CPM, CPC, and CPA, but I used them on a few websites and couldn’t find a good earning, but I got poor user experience and SEO.

But if you are an advertiser, they offer real-time analytics and reporting tools to monitor campaign performance and optimize techniques.

My PropellerAds Experience

What I hate about Propellerads is that you can’t find any decent ads. Their ads, like push notifications, in-page pushes, pop-ups, interstitials, and direct links, are harmful.

They’re all bad for user experience and even bad for SEO (Google). When I see these ads, I always leave the site.

Occasionally, they work with download, torrent, and clickable websites, but it’s not a good idea for other content websites. They may break your site.

An example of a push notification from PropellerAds:

Of course, PropellerAds is a user-friendly platform with a low payment threshold and various payment options. But that does not mean they are incredible.

PropellerAds can be an effective option in some niches and on some sites, but it is not recommended for sites with a reputation.

The direct problem with crypto ads is their considerable animation, which can negatively impact your website’s performance in multiple ways. To address this, use more suitable web hosting services like Guru, caching, and CDNs like Bunny, Cloudflare, KeyCDN, etc.

If you’re maintaining a WordPress site, avoid using slow plugins with ad networks because they can harm your website’s speed, UX, and SEO. Try to avoid using slow features.

Wrapping Things Up

Let’s wrap things up with some info on crypto ad networks.

You can still monetize your site despite the lack of crypto-specific ad platforms. It’s easy to start a website, even if it’s small. To succeed as a PRO, you must understand the types of websites and tools. If you publish regularly, that’s fine. However, it is important to note that such practices do not offer any earning potential.

It’s important to pick a niche for blogging or web tools. Since crypto is related to finance, most people don’t give it much thought, so there aren’t many crypto campaigns.

Nevertheless, you can still use AdThrive, Ezoic, Mediavine, AdSense, Optad360, and other good ad networks and publisher optimization services with your content website.

It’s hard to beat Coinzilla when it comes to crypto ads.

You can even go with Bitmedia or A-ADS.

If you have a good traffic website, BuySellAds is a suitable choice.

You should use something other than Adsterra, PropellerAds, Adcach, and other UX-harming ad networks.

Leave a comment about how they worked for you.

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