6 Ways To Copy Text From Protected Website (Right Click Disabled)


Looking for solutions to copy text from protected websites/right-click disabled websites?

Here is the depth tutorial to copy text from protected websites and disable right-clicking on a website.

Content protection or disabling right-click is not the best UX practice and is outdated. You can expect that 90% of websites do not use those methods because it can result in poor user experience, and people will never return to websites.

But some will use them to protect text and images from fraud. The most significant reason to use these protections is to secure content from fraudsters and plagiarists who copy the content, change the wording, and republish it. It’s absolutely horrible that they never give credit to the original author.

However, some people need copies for valid reasons, such as educational purposes. In such points, I hope this article will help you copy text from a secure website.

But don’t use it for unlawful purposes. You will never thrive in such activities. Here are simple methods for copying text from websites that protect their content.

how to copy text from right click disabled websites

1. With Google Chrome

How to copy text from a protected website chrome extension?

A few Chrome extensions allow copy selection on copy-protected websites, also known as disabling right-click. So I found a perfect extension named “Superior allow copy,”. You need to go to that webpage and activate it. Hooray, it works.

Look at this page; it restricts copying text and disables right-clicking, so I’ve activated this chrome extension, and the result is here.

How to copy text from protected website chrome extension

Also, there are a few ways to copy text from a protected website with Chrome Browser. You can unlock read mode with this shortcut URL “chrome:/flags”, AND you can notice a feature “Enable Reader Mode”, but this does not always work, a good approach is an extension, but this should work sometimes.

Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome

Once enabled, the Reader Mode icon will appear in the address bar.

 Reader Mode icon

Now that Reader Mode is open. You can copy text from websites with copy protection.

2. Image Text Conversion (OCR)

Image Text Conversion (OCR)

Conversion of images to text/doc is a simple method that even beginners can use, which is why I put it first in this list. OCR, or optical text detection, is a machine-learning method that detects text inside a picture. OCR can help you convert an image to text.

This is a super easy method; take a screenshot of the text you want to convert. You can simply convert pics to text/docs with the online tools listed below.

1. NewOCR

NewOCR is a free online optical recognition platform that can assess the text in any image you submit and turn the text from the image to the reader.

This website offers unlimited conversion, 120+ languages, numerical recognition, layout analysis, and page rotation. It also includes various ways to display/step the result text with downloads, Google sheets, google translate, post online, copy, etc.

How does it work?

Take a screenshot of the image you want to convert and then follow these images.

2. OCR2edit.com

OCR2edit.com is another OCR tool similar to previse one. You can easily convert from JPG, PNG, TIF, WEBP, and more. Read Ezgif image editor review.

OCR2edit.com Image Text Conversion


OCR.space is an OCR provider that can scan images of text files and extract text from PDF files. It is entirely free to use. Simply upload your file formats, and the software will catch them. It can handle multi-column text. The limitation is that images must be less than 5MB. The good news is that this service does not store any data.

OCR.SPACE  images and PDF to text

There are countless OCR providers, which can be found using search engines. OCR is a common technology for recognizing text within images; it turns virtually any image into textual content. OCR is the best way to do this because it is simpler and faster.

3. Using Firefox Browser

Firefox is not widely used nowadays, but it can help quickly with the “Reader View” feature at this stage. Firefox includes a screenshot feature that can also be used for OCR. Firefox is available on all of your devices. PC, mobile, and even Apple devices.

Reader view removes clutter, such as advertisements, graphic elements, and page/fonts, so you can read and copy the words.

How to start?

Yep, it’s a simple process. 

To open Reader view, check for the button in the URL bar or press the “F9” button on your keyboard. Pages can adjust to look how you would like to read them. Also, you can quickly copy text from a protected website. It should be successful.

Here’s an example

Mozilla Firefox Reader view

4. View Page Source

This is kind of Dev stuff; if you’re unfamiliar with coding, use another method.

The code behind any website is known as the SC, which can view used in numerous web browsers. To copy text from a protected website, you should first study its source code. You can also view the source code and understand how it works. Source code is also known as an HTML webpage.

But how does it work?

Follow these steps

If you use Chrome browser, go to your web page and right-click now, you can see “View Page Source”; otherwise, press “Ctrl+U.” Alternatively, go to the browser’s toolbar, select more tools, and View the page source.

Look at these pics.

View source code in the Chrome browser
View source code in the Chrome browser
Web page source code in the Chrome browser
Source code

Mozilla Firefox

Similar to how you can view the page source in Chrome, you can see it in Firefox via a simple, quick route. Enter “Ctrl+U” into the keyboard. Or Look at this pic.

Mozilla Firefox View Page Source

5. Using Opera Browser

Opera has some upsides compared to other web browsers because it is more nominal and runs faster. It has the same features as Chrome and Firefox.

There are two methods for Opera.

1. With reader mode, you can try to copy text from a secured website; simply go to that page and look for the “reader mode” icon in the URL bar.

Opera Browser reader mode

2. You can view the page source in Opera by right-clicking and selecting Page Source.

Opera Browser Page Source

Other methods, such as Print, PDF, and saving pages, are also available in Opera.

6. Print (CTRL+P)

Print, otherwise known as save to PDF, is another simple method to copy text from a secured website. This is equal to reader mode, but you can print or download the page as a PDF or Microsoft XPS. This approach, however, only occasionally works because certain right-click disabled websites do not allow the printing of their pages.

Save to PDF

Some pages allow right-clicking but can’t copy text; in that case, simply click and select print. However, some pages do not allow a right click, so you can use the shortcut “CTRL+P,” but this does not always work.

Bonus method

Some webpage does not disable right-clicking, but you cannot copy text.

Save the page as HTML

Use “CTRL+S” to save the page as HTML or a whole page. You can access the content by opening it in any browser if it works. This is not a 100% guaranteed method, but you should try it because there are too many software/tools for blocking copy text, and those approaches vary from to process, so it may sometimes work.

How to disable right-click on a website

If your website has considerable original content, you might want to disable the right click to protect it. Internet assets can be thieved with a simple tap, and disabling the right click is one of the old techniques and can also control image hotlinking.

It is difficult to stop people from stealing text and images from web pages. However, you can disable image hotlinking from other sources, such as using a plugin/addon or even some CDN providers that provide hotlink prevention.

With WordPress

If your website is built with WordPress, don’t worry because there are plenty of plugins. But sometimes can conflict with cache plugins. Here are a few examples.

  • WP Content Copy Protection: A well-known plugin for stopping post content from being plagiarized. The plugin will protect your posts/pages using various methods, including JS+CSS. This feature is built into some themes.
  • No Right-Click Images: This plugin uses JS to disable the right-click on images. It only disables images, allowing other right-click activities to work usually.
  • All-In-One Security: this is a security plugin; that has features to secure your content, iFrame protection, and text protection, which stop people from stealing your content. And most of the full-featured security plugins have this feature.

And etc. Etc,. I can’t list all the plugins.

With Cloudflare

If you’re on any Cloudflare plan, you can use the scrape shield feature to protect your site’s content. Such as email address obfuscation and server-side ignores to auto-hide specific content from untrusted viewers. You can also use hotlink protection to shield your images from off-site linking. This feature can be found on others CDN.

Cloudflare Scrape Shield

Using Simple Lines

You can use simple codes to disable right-clicking on web pages and images. These tutorial links may be helpful.

You can’t entirely protect images/text from theft because many tools/addons are available to grab your stuff. I also showed you some strategies.


In this post, I described how to disable right-clicking on websites and copy text from protected websites. Following this post, I hope you’ll understand.

Don’t use these strategies for negative things like plagiarized and stolen things, and you’ll never be able to succeed with doing that fraudulent practice; I only allow them for educational or typical cases like reading or personal use.

Plagiarism and duplication are both unfair for a variety of reasons.

For example, it is a type of fraud. You steal another’s resources/concepts of other people as your own. Without question, people try to trick others. They use the effects of other people’s efforts to grab credit. Plagiarism is also a violation.

I would like any comments, questions, or ideas you may have.

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