13 Best Google Adx Partners List For Publishers (Certified Partners)

Would you like to monetize your website or app with the best Google AdX partners?

There are plenty of Google Certified AdX partners to monetize your web properties. And can be used as AdSense alternatives. You can make more money than with Google AdSense.

Edges of Google Certified/AdX Partners

Using Google certified publishing partners has multiple pros because they deliver quality and good standards. Google has approved them, and they fulfilled several qualifications and have been certified as AdSense or Google MCM program specialists.

They are qualified partners, not frauds, so you can trust them. Google doesn’t want to ruin its reputation. Google provides genuine support to AdX partners.

You can use Google’s new features. Google Certified Partners and Google MCM Partners often receive instructions on how to use recent innovations effectively.

They can increase your ad revenue by improving the layout, A/B testing, yield optimization, driving tests, etc. Google makes sure its partners have high-quality facilities. If they want to stay as partners, they’ve got to follow Google’s rules.

You can access a wide range of Google ads products like Ad Manager(360), AdMob, Adsense, and other platforms. If you’re a publisher looking for a quality ad management platform, consider the Google AdX partners on this lineup.

We’ll look at some of the best Google-certified ad partners.

You can find many resellers. Let’s take the top spot on Google’s certified publishing partners list.

Best Google Adx Partners (Google Certified Publishing Partner List)

1. Mediavine

Mediavine Logo

Mediavine is a top ad management provider and one of the best Google certified publishing partners for monetizing websites. Mediavine has strict entry requirements for its platform. But they give a much better CPM rate in the programmatic ad industry.

Mediavine expects at least 50K sessions from publishers (last 30 days). Also, you need a clean record with Google(no penalties). Mediavine deeply views your content and niche.

Mediavine typically works with lifestyle and innovation websites and publishers. You’ll need creative, engaging, long-form content and a well-designed site with high US/UK traffic. I’ve heard they pay more than $30 per 1K views, which is decent in the industry.

Mediavine requirements

Mediavine Payments — NET 65 means that your money will be paid out after 65 days, which is far too long. You require $25 to withdraw from PayPal. You can get Mediavine payouts via Wise or PayPal. They work like bank accounts for global publishers.

The bank transfer threshold is as high as $200. (Mediavine payments FAQ).

Mediavine Ads

Mediavine has multiple HB partners and always delivers high-quality ads. They use lazy load and CDN to load their ads quickly while not seriously affecting the user experience.

Mediavine ads are attractive. Unlike Ezoic, they don’t show many ads on your website. Sometimes they display a lot of long-form content, but it is OK.

Well-known websites like Earlygame, Budgetbytes, and Niche Pursuits use Mediavine as their ad stack partner.

Here are some Mediavine ad examples:

Mediavine ad examples


Mediavine ad management stack is pretty good, but it’s hard to get for smaller websites. You should try if you meet their requirements because they’re the best.

With a great user experience, you can make decent money. If you have a website with over 70K page views, Mediavine might be your best option. I like this Mediavine review.

2. Raptive

Raptive AdX Partner Logo

“Adthrive” has changed to “Raptive.” However, I still prefer the name Adthrive because it’s unique. I’ll give you a few details about them.

Raptive is a new name for AdThrive.

Stii, If you want to join Adthrive (Raptive), you need at least 100K monthly page hits. Most traffic must be from the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with high-quality lifestyle content.

Raptive is a Google-certified publishing partner; therefore, it is unnecessary to mention Google criteria. You have to give Google Analytics read-only access. Before they take you, they look at your website’s traffic.

There is no need to send separate applications for all your websites if you have more than one. Your sites will be approved even if they get 75K page views monthly.

AdThrive payments — stand on a net 45 basis. In the shared model, publishers receive 75% of all revenues. They accept wire transfers and PayPal as payment methods.

You can use Payoneer and Wise, which provide access to US bank access with a minimum threshold of $25. Nonetheless, wire transfers require a minimum threshold of $100.

Raptive Ads

  • Your website needs at least three ad units to work with Raptive.
  • Whether your site doesn’t have videos, they have free streaming videos and custom ads.
  • Raptive partners with premium exchanges like Google Ad Manager, OpenX, Media.net, Criteo, Sovrn, Magnite, SpotX, Xandr, etc.
  • Raptive ads are always high-quality in the right categories, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • To serve ads without affecting page speed, they use lazy loading and CDNs.

Examples of raptive ads:

Examples of raptive ads

With Raptive, you’ll get the highest CPM rates in programmatic monetization. If your traffic comes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., they may offer you a $30-50 Cpm rate. One of the most popular Google MCM partners.

You should try it if you meet their requirements. Put your trust in it.

3. Newor Media

Newor Media Logo

Newor Media is an AI-powered programmatic ad platform. You’ll like it if you’re looking for an attractive replacement for AdSense, Ezoic, She Media, etc.

Compared to Raptive and Mediavine, NeworMedia doesn’t offer much improvement as a complete ad stack management. But UX-wise, they’re good.

Newor Media is a Google AdX reseller

Newor Media has been approved to resell Google AdX. With Header bidding, Newor Media partners with many PRO ad exchange platforms, allowing your website to access various advertising opportunities. A few examples are Pubmatic, 33 Across, Index Exchange, Amazon, and even native ad networks.

NeworMedia monetizes websites like “Statisticshowto”.

You can see some NeworMedia ads here:

NeworMedia Minimum Requirements for Websites:

  • Previously, they asked for 30,000 monthly visitors, but now they require a minimum of 60,000 monthly page visits from the U.S.
  • You need to maintain at least two ad units
  • You can only submit English websites. 
NeworMedia Minimum Requirements for Websites

If you submit a request, NeworMedia will review your website and contact you to ask for Google’s analytic insights and further details.

NeworMedia accepts PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers for NET30 payments.

What I Think About NeworMedia

You can trust Newor Media to manage your ads. Since they show only a few ads on your website, this is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a simple ad platform for your website.

There’s a limit to how many ads you can have. You need your manager’s permission to create a new ad unit. But they’re great at UX, so your website won’t be cluttered with ads.

However, there are still some problems. NeworMedia doesn’t seem like a good option anymore. There are better Google MCM partners if you have more than 60k U.S. monthly visits.

4. SHE Media

SHE Media Logo

She Media is a Google-certified publishing partner (GCPP) that primarily monetizes women’s websites. Additionally, they help with ad management and SPECIALIZED OPTIMIZATION.

She Media specializes in showing banner, native, and video ads through premium ad exchanges. Some of them are OpenX, Xandr, Rubicon, Media.net, and Pubmatic.

 SHEMedia demand partners

SheMedia’s payment schedule follows a 60-day cycle. The minimum threshold is $20, and PayPal is the payment method. There need to be multiple payment options.

SheMedia Requirements:

  • Required at least 20,000 page views last month
  • Make sure Google Ads are compatible with your website
  • Domains must be at least 90 days old
  • The majority of traffic needs from the U.S, Canada, Uk
  • Websites should appeal to women.
  • Content quality and web design are also important.

There’s a six-month agreement with SheMedia. You should give them 60 days’ notice if you want to quit. You can’t remove SheMedia or use another ad network without deactivating it. I think that’s one of She Media’s biggest drawbacks.

She Media overview

Is SheMedia Right For You?

SheMedia is one of the fastest-growing ad platforms for women. A big downside is the US traffic requirement, and another is the extended agreement.

If you are a woman or create content for women, TRY SheMedia, which is an approved Google AdX partner. If you receive over 50K US or UK visits monthly, choose better alternatives like Mediavine and Adthrive.

5. OptAd360

OptAd360 Logo

Optad360 is a Google-certified publishing partner to monetize your web content. While maintaining a positive user experience, they increase ad revenue. So, if you want to know more about them — read my OptAd360 Review.

You can maximize your potential with OptAd360’s HB partners. The list includes Yandex, Mgid, Taboola, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Amazon, Equativ, RTB House, and OpenX.

OptAd360 accepted websites in over 16 languages. They provide proper ad space with a flexible layout with Ad Mapper.

Ad refresh improves ad impressions in places while maintaining optimistic user engagement. Many other AI ad management technologies.

OptAd360 header bidding partners

Optad360 takes 30 days to process payments. There’s a $100 minimum payout and multiple payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise.

Requirements: OptAd360 traffic conditions vary by country. You need at least 50K page views a month. Other requirements remain the same, like Ezoic, Adthrive, etc. If you have good traffic, you can reach them easily.

OptAd360 Ads
OptAd360 Ads

Here’s what I think about Optad360

Optad360 is one of the best Google MCM partners. This ad management service is worth a try if you meet the requirements. It is very important that you have good visitors and high-quality content to get the best results. Plus, their ads look great but don’t always fill ad spots. If you’ve got at least 50k PV, try this platform.

6. Ezoic

Ezoic Google MCM partner Logo

Yes, I have used Ezoic for a long time. But they’re not attractive anymore since they destroy websites with ads and work at the DNS level. You’ll fail if your UX isn’t good.

There’s a lot of stuff to do when you’re onboarding and integrating with Ezoic. It isn’t your platform if you’re more concerned with user experience.

On the other hand, if you are looking for high revenue with a lot of ads, Ezoic is the better platform. No matter what size your website is, they’ll accept it.

Provide services (tools), like:

  • Big data analytics tool (only I like)
  • Leap speed optimization
  • Free CDN 
  • Web and video hosting
  • DNS management
  • Flickify — a tool for converting articles into videos
  • SEO — useless tools like NicheIQ, On-Page SEO, Site health, Page booster
  • Plus a lot more

However, those features are super bloated, and the only one of interest to me is big data analytics; the rest are terrible. An AD platform doesn’t need to have these features.

Note: They now offer basic ad features; you can only access ads without additional Ezoic products. I think it is an excellent move. (No page visit required).

Ezoic Basic Ads

Ezoic is a certified Google partner and offers over 100+ header bidding partners (Outbrain, OpenX, Criteo, Appnexus, 33across, Smart Adserver, Xandr, Spotxchange, etc.)

You have to meet these requirements to join Ezoic:

  • A compatible site with engaging, original content
  • With the basic ads, the number of page visits is no longer required.
  • Ezoic level program (websites with over 10,000 monthly page views)
  • You can get Ezoic Access if your site gets less than 10,000 visitors.
Ezoic monetization programs

Ezoic offers flexible payment options for publishers. Wire transfers, PayPal, and Payoneer are all accepted as payment options. The minimum threshold is $20.

Ezoic’s ads are slow, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of the serviceWe cannot optimize their display due to the large number of ads they display. You have to use their Leap app to optimize, which does not work on your end.

Leap is also conflicting with cache pluginsthemes, and security plugins. Even if you optimize using Leap, your site will suffer from slow load times and poor TTFB.


Look at this GTmetrix report. This site uses Ezoic (full load time 20s+).

ezoic ad site GTmetrix report
Ezoic ad examples
Ezoic ad examples

One Last Thing About Ezoic

I like Ezoic, but they need to improve the user experience. They try to do everything, such as providing hosting, CDNs, and many other features that may need clarification for publishers who only want an ad network rather than all-in-one optimization services.

Hence, Ezoic isn’t your platform if you’re a fan of user experience. You’ll love it if you want some money and lots of ads. But Ezoic isn’t your only option.

7. AdPushup

AdPushup Logo

AdPushup is a premium Google MCM partner for revenue optimization. They are well-known for A/B testing, HB, Adblock recovery, and a wide range of other strategies to maximize ad revenue.

AdPushup tools can help you recover revenue lost due to adblocking. AdPushup’s visual editor is similar to the Ezoic ad tester because it allows you to try different ad setups.

And their elements can support publishers in finding revenue growth and AMP ads with multiple header bidding partners (massive demand-side ad networks and exchanges):

AdPushup Demand Partners

AdPushup Payments:

  • AdPushup offers Net-45 payouts via bank or PayPal.
  • The minimum threshold is $50.
  • AdPushup provides 80% of the publisher’s revenue share.

Due to its strict requirements, AdPushup does not accept medium- or small-sized publishers. So, if you want to join them, you need to generate at least $1,000 in monthly ad revenue from your website. That means you are welcome if you already make at least $1,000 monthly with Adsense or another reliable ad network.

It is uncommon since other networks focus on visits and hits. Also, you will need a high-quality web design and content that comply with Google AdX and other regulations.

Typical AdPushup ad
AdPushup ads

Is AdPushup a reliable Google Certified Publishing Partner?

I noticed big websites like Gtmetrix, NDTV, News18, and other high-traffic websites use AdPushup. They target large sites and have significant bidding partners who provide quality ads with little impact on UX and page speed.

I recommend applying to AdPushup if you get over 100,000 pageviews monthly or make over $1,000 in ad revenue from your website.

8. Waytogrow


Waytogrow is another google certified publishing partner that works with 30+ SSPs, including Amazon, TripleLift, GumGum, etc., and highly customized ad solutions. Waytogrow has a solid reputation for publisher progress, with detailed case studies

How does Waytogrow work?

Waytogrow Traffic Requirements
  • They said there are no traffic or website size restrictions. However, I applied and was told I needed at least 100K page views monthly.
  • Also, the domain must first be accepted by the Google MCM program.
  • Waytogrow is a European company, and payments are made on a 45-circle basis with a $100 minimum.
  • Alternatively, you can receive payment in euros.

Google Adx vs. Waytogrow

Waytogrow is a decent ad management option for publishers to increase income with programmatic ads.

Waytogrow has plenty of other header bidding partners in addition to Google Adx. They provide high-quality ads on your site with various targets.

Adx is just one ad management brand, but the largest in the world, but there are also others that pay more to premium publishers.

It is always profitable to partner with an ads management company. You can experience a variety of ads, stacks, and — support.

Ad example from Waytogrow

I cannot guarantee how Waytogrow works, but you can try them if your website meets their requirements. Waytogrow also offers advantages with open and header bidding.

Even though they can work with any type of location, they offer the most profitable results for US and European traffic. Also, Clickio is one of the reputed Google MCM partners. And read my Clickio Review for more info.

9. OKO

OKO ad management platform

OKO is a UK-based ad management platform approved by Google as a Google-certified publishing partner. With OKO, you can access ad exchanges, networks, and SSPs like TeAds, Magnite, 152, GumGum, EMX, Criteo, OpenX, AppNexus, and more.

Publishers can maximize their CPM rates with OKO’s header bidding solution. They provide many advanced features, such as lazy loading, smart ad refresh, sticky units, etc.

You can get ad blocker recovery, 360 video, and rich media with them.

OKO gives publishers what they need to make money and gets them support when they need it. You can monetize your mobile app with them. Despite not having used it, I’ve heard good things.

OKO mobile app monetization

OKO requirements: To be accepted by OKO, you NEED at least one million page views or $1,000+ in revenue last month (meaning tiny publishers won’t be accepted). They’re mostly targeting premium UK publishers.

Here’s what I think about OKO AdX Partners

OKO is a premier ad management platform that Google has approved as an expert in monetization. They can help you with HB/OB/AB and options to improve your ad revenue. But can’t reach many publishers due to high-traffic criteria. However, I think it’s worth a try.

If you’re peeking for an ad network for your crypto website, read my article about crypto ad networks.

10. FatChilli

FatChilli Media

FatChilli isn’t a well-known ad network that was recently featured on the Google AdX partners list. Their programmatic ads can monetize your site.

There are several helpful features publishers can use, such as price floors, waterfall management, Google Ad Manager 360, individual approaches, headers, and private and open bidding. With FatChilli, you can run banner ads, videos, interstitials, native ads, and sticky ads.

Regarding publisher requirements, FatChilli offers possibilities to small publishers since they only request 10,000 page hits for a month (which is achievable).

FatChilli Requirements

What you need to do?

Just fill out their application, and they’ll get in touch to talk about payments, traffic details, and agreements. As a Google-certified ad network, you require an attractive website.

And offers a 30-day payment cycle, and the minimum threshold is €100 for bank transfer or PayPal.

I used them for a few months, and the results were about average. I can’t say much because I’m no longer with them.

With FatChilli, you get advanced video ads with Google Ad Manager 360 (the paid version). A complete stack of ad management strategies.

FatChilli is a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Google Ad Manager 360 mainly serves enterprise publishers or companies and cannot access small or medium sites, but with FatChilli, you will integrate with GAM 360.

FatChilli Google Adx pics:

FatChilli Google Ads

FatchilliMedia as a Google AdX partner

They have a premium version of Ad Manager 360 without a monthly cap. FatChilli lets you start from scratch. You can start making money using FatchilliMedia programmatic optimization tools like HB, OB, and WM, as well as other cutting-edge optimization and automation tools. I can’t guarantee they work like Mediavine or other competitors.

11. Publift

Publift ad management service

Publift is a premium ad management service and one of the most reputable Google-certified publishing partners. And they only work with premium publishers, as you can see from their approval requirements. I have not tried Publift, but I heard good things.

Publift used the same strategies as Adthirve, Mediavine, and others, including ad refresh, header bidding, mediation, and no lock-in agreements with nifty customer service.

Publift features header bidding partners, including Rubicon, GumGum, Pubmatic, Criteo, Index Exchange, Sovrn, Mobfox, Amazon, Teads, and more, which can be seen in ads.txt.

Publift header bidding partners

Publift Requirements:

Publift uses two methods to choose publishers:

  1. Depend on monthly revenue: They work with publishers who reached $2,000 or more in the previous month. If you have already made $2,000 or more with AdSense, Ezoic, Adthrive, and other similar platforms, you are welcome to Publift.
  2. Page Hits: another way to join Publift is through page views. You can reach Publift with 500K or more monthly PV. Publift doesn’t bother much about where traffic comes from, like the UK or the USA. Often, they accept traffic from any country.

My Honest Take

Publift is a dedicated Google MCM partner, and they monetize websites and mobile apps with open and header bidding auctions. High-end publishers can increase their ad revenue with Publift.

You’ll find Publift on websites like Metservice and Chordify.

I’ve got some examples of ads:

Publift ad examples

But the requirements are too high for me because if we have 500k+ page views per month, there are plenty of ad management stacks to choose from.

If you look at Publift’s case studies, you’ll see that they’re a good platform. Try out this Google-approved AdX partner.

12. MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore logo

MonetizeMore is another Google Adx partner working with established publishers who have already earned $1000s with other ad networks. They don’t have an AdBlock feature but use an ad fraud tool named Traffic Cop

MONETIZEMORE helps publishers boost ad revenue through a variety of tools. These tools include automatic header bidding, 50+ ad exchanges, invalid traffic prevention, mail support, video header bidding, and other programmatic MONETIZATION TRENDS.

Sites like Studyrankers, Boredpanda, Altblogger, etc., use MONETIZEMORE, and here are some samples of their ads:

Monetizemore ads

MonetizeMore — provides four levels of service to publishers:

  1. Starter: To get a 20–30% revenue boost, you need $1,000 in monthly revenue.
  2. Professional: You’ll need $5,000 a month if you want 25 to 50% more profits.
  3. Premium: They promise 40–200% revenue growth if you make $20,000 monthly.
  4. Enterprise: needs a minimum monthly revenue of $100K and includes extra features like Ad tech engineering services, dedicated ad optimization, custom ad tech, etc.

MoneyMore accepts PayPal and wire transfers with a minimum threshold of $100 and a 30-day payment period.

There’s a notice period and an agreement with MonetizeMore, so it might not be right for everyone. They might be less effective compared to Mediavine, Adthrive, AdPushup, and others.

But they provide better qualities than Google Adx or Adsense, including Pubguru, header bidding wrapper — Traffic-Cop as extra features. If you want to try an official Adx partner for your site, MonetizeMore is valuable in certain aspects.

13. Freestar

Freestar AdX Partner

Freestar is a premium ad management stack company and a Google-certified MCM partner. You can see how popular websites like Aljazeera and AMC use them to monetize.

They provide other typical ad management stacks to premium publishers, such as Header Bidding, AMP monetization, app mediation, Amazon TAM, premium demands, etc.

So, what is the Freestar requirement?

They mostly approve of publishers with at least a million monthly page views. Yes, that is a lot for medium and small websites, and one million is a lot for a website to archive.

If you meet the requirements, Freestar might be a good option. You will also receive other premium stacks with features like Ad quality monitoring, deep reporting, brand safety, and dedicated support.

And over 30 ad partners, including the following:

  • Google Ad Manager 
  • Amazon
  • Gumgum
  • Media.net
  • Primis
  • OpenX
  • Smaato
  • Teads
  • AOL
  • Facebook
  • Plenty of others

Popular websites like Aljazeera, Tinyurl, F1i, FlightAware, Deviantart, Brickseek, etc., use Freestar for their ad management stack.

Screenshots of Freestar ads:

Freestar ads
Examples of Freestar advertisements

Freestar is always looking for premium publishers in any niche. And, regarding UX, their ad loading and placement are OK and have less negative impact than AdSense or Ezoic.

And Freestar acts like premium ad management platforms such as MonetizeMore, Publift, AdPushup, etc. If you have one million or more page views, try it.

Google Adx vs. Adsense

AdSense & Ad Exchange

Google AdX (Ad Exchange) and AdSense are both advertising platforms run by Google, but they serve different purposes for different types of publishers and advertisers.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two (From my point of view):

Google AdX:

  • Designed for large and premium content creators. It is an invite-only platform where you must meet specific criteria and have millions of page views to be eligible.
  • AdX is a CPM-based platform that pays publishers for impressions, not clicks.
  • Offers advanced features like open and private offers to increase CPM rates.
  • Provides more control over ads and their valuation, leading to better earnings stability and user experience.
  • Allows other ad exchanges to participate in price contests.
  • Offers complete control over direct and programmatic ads and supports header bidding.
  • More complex to set up and manage due to its advanced features and requirements.


  • Serves as an ad network intermediary between advertisers and publishers.
  • A simple approach for creating and displaying ads on websites.
  • User-friendly and straightforward to implement.
  • Getting started is relatively easier, and there is no strict traffic requirement.
  • Ideal for website monetization but may have limitations as publishers succeed.
  • Due to its limitations, it is commonly used on low- to medium-traffic sites.
  • May perform better if your click rates are high. However, you won’t make much money with AdSense if you don’t have at least 10,000 PV monthly.
  • The biggest problem with AdSense is that you can’t get human support.
  • You can be banned at any time. But they don’t ban people for no reason until they commit serious violations like invalid traffic and clicks.

Adsense impacts are still as harmful as hell. You can avoid it with cache plugins like FlyingPress.

Use a reputed host with good server resources like GURU, Rocket.net, etc.

Every ad network will slow down your website because they are third-party requests, which are always the most flawed. But intelligent ad networks like Raptive, Mediavine, and AdPushup use resourceful technologies to prevent the consequences of slow ads.

Most of the ad networks/management services perform better today than AdSense. As a result, it is no longer as popular as it once was, mainly among experienced users.

Ad networks and exchanges have different roles in the industry depending on the origins of their business.

To Sum It Up

Here are my last lines about Google AdX Partners.

If you meet their requirements, use one of them to increase your ad revenue. And the majority of these are CPM networks. CPM is ideal for publishers with a good number of website visitors.

Although they are only some of the best options, they are still worth considering. Integrate the publisher’s ad inventory with more platforms via server-side header bidding, open bidding, direct deals, private deals, etc. 

When you use AdSense, Google is the only provider. Choose one of these, and you’ll get more buyers, like Google AdX.

They’re all Google Certified publishing partners. They’re great for the user experience and have decent CPM and CPC rates. There’s a possibility and benefit to optimizing every ad impression.

Think about what’s best for you and how they should complement each other before you choose. Ensure your users have a great experience.

What do you think?

Have any experiences, suggestions, or a better Adx partner?

Share your thoughts.

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