12 Best Google Adx Partners List For Publishers (Certified Partners)


Looking for the best Google Certified/ADX partners to monetize your website or app?

Monetization is more comprehensive than Google AdSense. There are plenty of Google Certified and ADX partners to monetize or use as Adsense alternatives

Edges of Google Certified/ADX Partners

Using Google Certified Partners includes multiple pros because they deliver quality and maintain their standard. Google has approved and fulfilled several qualifications and is certificated as AdSense or Ad Manager specialist. You can trust them because they are trained partners, not frauds, and Google doesn’t want to damage its track record. 

Adx Partners receive support from Google with a genuine connection. You can use Google’s new features. They often receive instruction on recent innovations to use them effectively. Google Certified Partners are qualified on ad products, including ADX. 

They can increase your ad revenue by improving the layout, A/B testing, yield optimization, driving tests, etc. Google secures their partners will provide high-quality facilities.

They must stick to Google standards to stay as a partner. They can access a wide range of Google ads products like Ad Manager(360), AdMob, Adsense, and marketing platforms.

If you’re a publisher looking for a quality ad management platform, consider the Google ADX partners on this lineup. I’ll show some of the best Google-certified partners. There are many resellers. Let’s take priority on the Google certified publishing partner list.

Best Google Adx Partners (Google Certified Publishing Partner List)

1. Mediavine

  • Payment modes: PayPal and Wire
  • Payment periods: 65 days
  • Minimum payout: $25
  • Traffic requirements: 50000 Sessions

Mediavine is a top ad management provider and one of the best Google certified publishing partners for monetizing websites. Mediavine has strict entry requirements for its platform. But they give a much better CPM rate in the programmatic ad industry. I’ve heard they pay more than $30 per 1,000 views, which is decent in the industry.

Mediavine expects at least 50K sessions from publishers (last 30 days). Also, you need a clean record with Google(no penalties). Mediavine deeply views your content and niche.

Mediavine typically works with lifestyle and innovation websites/publishers. You’ll need creative, engaging, long-form content and a well-designed site with high US/UK traffic.

Mediavine requirements

Payments Info:

Mediavine pays NET 65 means that your money will be paid out after 65 days, which is far too long. You need $25 to withdraw to Paypal. You can get Mediavine payouts via Wise/Payoneer. They work like bank accounts for international publishers. The bank transfer payout threshold is as high as $200. (other conditions noted here).

Mediavine Ads

Mediavine has multiple HB partners and always delivers high-quality ads. They use lazy load and CDN to load their ads quickly while not seriously affecting the user experience.

Mediavine ads are attractive; unlike Ezoic, they do not show plenty of ads on your website. Sometimes Mediavine displays a lot of ads on long-form content, which is OK.

Mediavine example ads:

examples of Mediavine ads


Overall, Mediavine is an impressive ad management service that is difficult to reach for small websites, but if you have their requirements, you should try them because they are at the top of the game. You can make decent money by keeping a great user experience.

2. Adthrive

  • Payment option: Wire/PayPal
  • Payment routine: 45 days
  • Minimum payout: $25
  • Traffic requirements: 100K PV

If you want to join Adthrive, you need at least 100K page hits a month, and the majority of traffic must be from the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with high-quality lifestyle content.

Adthrive is a Google-certified publishing partner, so useless to state Google criteria. You must give read-only access to Google Analytics. They look at your website’s traffic statistics before taking you. If you have multiple websites, you can send one application for all, which can be approved with lower monthly traffic (even with 75K page views).

Adthrive Payments:

AdThrive payments on a Net 45 basis. In the shared model, publishers receive 75% of all revenues. They accept wire transfers and PayPal as methods of payment. You can use Payoneer or Wise, which provide access to US bank accounts with a minimum barrier of $25. However, wire transfers require a minimum threshold of $100.

AdThrive Ads

AdThrive requires at least three ad units on your website. And offers customized ads, a video player, and free streaming, even if your website lacks videos. They collaborate with premium exchanges like OpenX, Media.net, Criteo, Sovrn, Magnite, SpotX, Xandr, etc.

You don’t have to worry about Adthrive ads’ reliability because your website always displays high-quality ads in relevant categories. They use lazy load and CDN to pull ads without affecting site speed, as seen in some AdThrive ads:

AdThrive Ads

AdThrive is at the top of the programmatic ads, offering the highest CPM rates. Some claim they offer $30-50 CPM rates if your prior traffic comes from the U.s, U.k., Australia, etc. If you meet their requirements, you should give it a shot, don’t think twice.

3. Newor Media

Newor Media
  • Payment option: Paypal/Payoneer/Bank transfer
  • Payment routine: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Traffic conditions: 30,000 visitors

Newor Media is an AI programmatic ad platform. Best suited if you are looking for an attractive replacement for existing ad networks like Adsense, Ezoic, Adthrive, etc.

Google AdX Reseller

Google has approved Newor Media to resell Google ADX. Newor Media partners with many PRO platforms, and your website has access to the broad ad market with Header bidding. Pubmatic, 33 Across, Index Exchange, Amazon, and even native ad networks.

Payments & Requirements

You get paid NET30 terms via Paypal, Payoneer, and wire transfer.

Newor Media’s basic requirements are 30,000 monthly visitors and the maintenance of at least 2 ads on your website. As they only accept English websites. It is ideal if most of your site’s traffic reaches the U.S. and other top-tier countries. Newor Media will audit the site and touch you to ask for analytical insights and further details.

Sum up

Newor Media is a reliable ad management platform. This is the ideal solution if you want a straightforward ad platform for your website because Newor Media shows a few ads.

They limit the capacity of ad units. If you want to create a new ad unit, you should ask for approval. But your website will not be cluttered with ads because they are great at UX.

4. SHE Media

SHE Media
  • Payment schedule: 60 days
  • Payment option: PayPal
  • Payout limit: $20
  • Traffic conditions: 20K PV

She Media is a Google certified publishing partner that primarily monetizes women’s websites. They help gain knowledge with specialized optimization in addition to managing the ads. SheMedia provides premium ad exchanges such as OpenX, Xandr, Rubicon, Media.net, and Pubmatic, with a wide range of banner ads and native, & video ads.

 SHE Media demands partners

She Media Requirements

  • She Media required at least 20,000 page views last month. 
  • The website should be compatible with Google. 
  • Domains must be at least 90 days old, with most traffic reaching from the U.s. 
  • They also look at other factors of your website, such as quality content and must demand to women.


She Media has a six-month agreement. That looks bad, but you must inform them of 60 days’ notice if you want to leave. You cannot remove or use other ad networks without disconnecting your She Media platform. It is a significant drawback with She Media.

Last Lines

She Media is the finest ad platform created for women, but it requires traffic in the US, and another drawback is the extended agreement. If you are a woman or create content for women, you should try SheMedia because an authorized Google Adx partner. If you receive over 50K US/UK visits monthly, choose better options like Mediavine and Adthrive.

5. OptAd360

  • Payment schedule: 30 days
  • Payment options: PayPal/Payoneer/Wise
  • Payout limit: $100
  • Traffic conditions: 50K PV

Optad360 is a Google-certified partner to monetize your web content. They use cutting-edge technology to increase ad revenue while keeping a good user experience.

OptAd360 has multiple HB partners to help you maximize your potential, including Yandex, Mgid, Taboola, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Amazon, Equativ, RTB House, OpenX, and many more.

OptAd360 accepted websites in over 16 languages. They provide proper ad space with a flexible layout with Ad Mapper. Ad refresh improves ad impressions in places while maintaining optimistic user engagement. Many other AI ad management technologies.

OptAd360 header bidding partners


The basic requirement for OptAd360 changes depending on the country. The minimum requires at least 50 000 monthly page hits. They are like Ezoic, Adthrive, etc. The requirement remains the same. You can easily reach them if you have good traffic.

Optad360’s payment process is 30 days. They have a $100 minimal level payout limit and multiple payment options, such as Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise.

OptAd360 Ads
OptAd360 Ads

You should try this ad management service if you comply with the conditions. You need good visitors and high-quality content for the proper outcome. Also, their ads look nice and don’t always fill ad spots, but test this platform if you have at least 50k PV.

6. Ezoic

  • Payment option: PayPal/Payoneer
  • Payment routine: 30 days
  • Lowest payout: $20
  • Traffic conditions: None

Ezoic is no longer in my eyes because they harm websites with a slew of ads and work with DNS level. And onboarding can be a huge mess. If you care more about user experience than money, Ezoic is different from your platform. 

But if you want revenue with a ton of ads, Ezoic is the better platform. 

They accept websites of any size, big/small. Provide various services, including analytics tools, speed optimization, free CDN, web/video hosting, DNS, and many more. 

However, those features are super bloated, and the only significant to me is big data analytics; the rest are all terrible. We don’t need these features in an AD platform.

Ezoic is a certified google partner and offers over 100+ header bidding partners (outbrain, OpenX, criteo, Appnexus, 33across, smart adserver, xandr, spotxchange, etc.)

To join Ezoic, you must comply with the requirements, such as having a compatible website. Content that is engaging and unique. You can join the Ezoic level program if the website receives over 10,000 page views per month. 

Ezoic monetization programs

Ezoic Access is available on websites with fewer than 10,000 viewers. 

Ezoic CPM rates are decent, less good than Mediavine/AdThrive, but good enough.

Ezoic offers flexible payment options to the publisher; their payment periods are 30 days. They allow wire transfers, PayPal, and Payoneer as payment options. 

You only need the minimal threshold of $20.

Slow ads are another massive drawback with Ezoic. They display many ads and cannot be optimized from our end. To optimize, you must use their leap app, which does not work on our end. Leap is also conflicting with cache pluginsthemes, and security plugins.

Want proof?

Look at this GTmetrix report. This site uses Ezoic.

ezoic ad site GTmetrix report


Ezoic is fine, but they need to focus more on UX.

They try to do everything, such as providing hosting, CDN, and many other features that may need clarification for publishers who only want an ad network rather than optimization services. Hence, Ezoic is not your platform if you are a fan of user experience, but if you want some money and features with lots of ads, it’s for you.

7. AdPushup

  • Payout schedule: 45 days
  • Payment options: PayPal /Wire
  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Traffic criteria: $1,000 already earned

AdPushup is well-known for A/B testing, HB, Adblock recovery, and a wide range of other ad revenue optimizations. But they do not accept medium/small-sized publishers due to their stricter requirements. Their tools can help you in recovering revenue due to adblocking. And have a massive demand-side ad network and exchanges.

AdPushup Demand Partners

AdPushup’s features can help publishers find moderate revenue growth and AMP Ads with multiple header bidding partners. AdPushup offers Net-45 payouts via bank transfer or PayPal. The minimum threshold is $50; the publisher receives 80% of the profits. The visual editor is close to the Ezoic ad tester because it allows you to try different ad setups.

AdPushup requires at least $1,000 in monthly ad revenue from your website. That means you are welcome if you already make at least $1,000 monthly with Adsense or another good ad network. That is rare because other networks focus criteria on hits/visits. Also, needs high-quality content that complies with the regulations of partners/Google.


AdPushup ads
AdPushup ads

AdPushup targets large sites and has significant HB partners who provide quality ads with little impact on UX and speed. Apply to AdPushup if you reach over 20K page visits monthly. Give AdPushup a trial if you already earn more than $1,000 monthly.

8. Waytogrow

  • Payout schedule: 45 days
  • Payment options: Wire
  • Lowest Payment: $100
  • Traffic standards: 100K PV

Waytogrow is another google certified publishing partner that works with 30+ SSPs, including Amazon, TripleLift, GumGum, etc., and highly customized ad solutions. Waytogrow has a decent reputation for publisher progress, with entire case studies.

Waytogrow Traffic standards

Requirements & Payments

Waytogrow stated that there are no restrictions on your traffic or website size. Nevertheless, I applied and was informed I needed at least 100,000 monthly page views to be accepted. Also, the domain must first be accepted by the Google MCM program.

Waytogrow is a European-based company, and payment is made on a 45-circle basis with a $100 minimum on the Wire. You can also get paid in Euro.

Waytogrow ads

Waytogrow is a decent ad management option for publishers to increase income with programmatic ads. They provide high-quality ads on your site with various targets.

I cannot guarantee how Waytogrow works, but you can try them if your website meets their requirements. Waytogrow also offers advantages with open and header bidding.

9. OKO

OKO ad management platform
  • Payout schedule: 45 days
  • Payment options: Bank
  • Lowest Payment: $100
  • Requirements: 1M PV/$1000

OKO is a UK-based company approved by Google as an AdSense/Google-certified publishing partner. OKO offers access to premium ad exchanges, networks, and SSPs, including TeAds, Magnite, 152, GumGum, EMX, Criteo, OpenX, AppNexus, and others.

They also provide Ad Block recovery, content syndication, 360 video, and rich media. Even provide Lazy load, smart ad refresh, sticky units, and other services. OKO uses the header bidding solution, allowing publishers to maximize their CPM rates. OKO provides publishers with what they need to gain revenue and dedicated support.

OKO can even assist you in monetizing your mobile app.

OKO mobile app monetization

I haven’t used OKO, but I get details from trusted users. OKO requirements: some say they require 1 million page views, while others say approve if you have made at least $1,000 per month in the past, which means tiny publishers don’t have an opportunity.

Wrap up

OKO is a premier ad management platform that Google-approved experts in monetization. They can help you with HB/OB/AB and options to improve your ad revenue. But can’t reach small publishers (high traffic requirements), but if you have those, they’re worth a shot.

10. FatChilli

FatChilli Media
  • Payout Routine: 30 days
  • Payment option: Bank Transfer/PayPal
  • Minimum Payment: €100
  • Requirements: 10K Page Hits

FatChilli isn’t a well-known company that was recently featured in the Google Adx partners list. FatChilli can help you monetize your website with programmatic advertising.

FatChilli offers multiple ad formats, including banners, videos, interstitials, and native and sticky ads. Provides valuable features to publishers like price floors, lazy loading, waterfall management, AdManager 360, header bidding, private offers, open bidding, etc.

FatChilli Requirements

They are different from other platforms. FatChilli gives a chance to small publishers because they only ask for 10000-page hits for months, which is achievable. FatChilli offers a 30-day payment cycle with a €100 minimum payment via bank transfer or PayPal.


With FatChilli, you can start at the base and make revenue from programmatic ads with HB/OB/WM and other cutting-edge optimization options. They provide Ad Manager 360, available in a premium version with no monthly hits cap. I used a few months of them, and the result was average. I can’t say more because I haven’t stayed with them.

11. Publift

Publift ad management service
  • Payout: 30 days
  • Payment Option: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Requirements: 500,000 Page Hits or $2000 + previous ad revenue

Publift is a premium ad management service and one of the reputable Google-certified publishing partners. And they only work with premium publishers, as you can see from their requirements to get approved. I haven’t tried Publift, but I noticed good things.

Publift used the same strategies as Adthirve, Mediavine, and others, including ad refresh, header bidding, mediation, without lock-in agreement, and nifty customer service.

Publift features bidding partners, including Rubicon, Pubmatic, Criteo, Index Exchange, Sovrn, Mobfox, Amazon, Teads, and many more, which can be seen in ads.txt.


Publift uses two methods to choose publishers:

  1. Depend on monthly revenue: They work with publishers who reached $2,000 or more in the previous month. If you have already made $2,000 or more with AdSense, Ezoic, Adthrive, and other similar platforms, you are welcome to Publift.
  2. Page Hits: Another way to join Publift is through page views. You can reach Publift with 500,000 or more page views per month. Publift doesn’t bother much about where traffic comes from, like the UK or the USA.

Publift is a nice solution for high-end publishers looking to increase their ad revenue. But the requirements are too high for me because if we have 500k+ page views, we have enough ad networks to choose from. And if you look at Publift case studies still, they are a high-quality platform worth a shot. A helpful Google-certified Adx partner.

12. MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore logo
  • Payment: 30 days
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Wire
  • Minimum Payout$100
  • Requirements: $1000+ Ad revenue

MonetizeMore is another Google Ad Exchange partner working with established publishers who have already earned $1000s with other ad networks. MonetizeMore offers PayPal and wire transfers, with a minimum threshold of $100 and a payment period of 30 days.

MonetizeMore provides publishers with various tools to boost ad revenue, including automated header bidding, 50+ ad networks/exchanges, invalid traffic prevention, mail support, video header bidding, and other cutting-edge programmatic trends.

They haven’t an AdBlock feature but use an ad fraud protection tool called Traffic Cop.

MonetizeMore offers four monetization levels for publishers:

  1. Starter: You need a $1,000 monthly revenue and ensure a 20-30% revenue increase.
  2. Professional: You need a $5,000 monthly income and a 25 to 50% profit increase.
  3. Premium: If you already earn $20,000 a month, you can use this plan and deliver a 40 to 200% growth in revenue.
  4. Enterprise: This plan needs a minimum monthly revenue of $100,000 and includes additional features like Ad tech engineering services, dedicated ad optimization, custom ad tech, etc.


MonetizeMore is not ideal for me because they have an agreement and a notice period. They are less effective than Mediavine, Adthrive, AdPushup, and others with similar requirements. However, they provide better features than google Adx or Adsense and include Pubguru and Traffic Cop as extra features. If you want to try an official Adx partner for your website, MonetizeMore may be helpful in certain factors.

AdSense & Ad Exchange

AdSense & Ad Exchange

Google Adx is a CPM-based platform, meaning publishers are paid for impressions instead of clicks. Adx offers access to advanced features like open and private offers, which can help increase your CPM rates. More power over which ads and how they are valued, better stability of earnings, and UX. Ad Manager can offer supply from Google AdX and others. 

ADX allows other connections and AD exchanges to engage in price contests. Complete control of direct advertising and programmatic demands. Also supports header bidding.

AdSense is the kind of ad network that serves as an agent between advertisers and publishers. You can use the straightforward approach to create ads that serve ads on your website. AdSense is an ideal base for website monetization, but it can be limited as publishers improve. Adsense is mainly used on low and medium-traffic websites.

AdSense may perform better if your click rates are high. However, you won’t make much money with AdSense if you don’t have at least 10,000 monthly PV. The biggest problem with AdSense is that you can’t get human support and can be banned anytime.

But they don’t ban you for no reason or if you commit serious violations, like invalid traffic and clicks. However, several ad networks and management services perform better these days than AdSense. As a result, it is no longer favoured as it once was.

Ad networks and exchanges perform different roles in the industry relative to the origin.

Every ad network will slow down your website because they are third-party requests, which are always the worst. However, smart ad networks like Mediavine use innovative technologies to prevent the impact of slow ads. Adsense hit is still as hell, and you can avoid using great cache plugins like FlyingPress. And if you use security plugins, it will be even worse. Use a reputable hosting service like GURU.

Final Thoughts

My last lines about Google Adx Partners. If you already meet their requirements, use one of them to increase your ad revenue. See my article on crypto ad networks.

And the majority of these are CPM networks. CPM is ideal for publishers who have a large number of visitors to their websites. They are only some of the better options. Still, they are favorable. These platforms integrate the publisher’s ad inventory with more platforms via header bidding, open bidding, direct deals, private deals, etc. 

Google is the only provider when you use AdSense. If you choose one of these networks, you will have access to much more buyers, which include Google Adx.

These platforms will provide you with a better user experience and decent CPM/CPC rates. It is possible and practical to optimize each impression. 

But, before you choose, consider what is best for your needs and how they should complement one another. Also, don’t forget about better UX.

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