Optad360 Review: An Ideal Alternative To Mediavine and Ezoic

Optad360 is a programmatic monetization platform and a Google-certified publishing partner, but it is suited for medium and large publishers.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Adsense, Mediavine, Newor Media, Ezoic, Raptive, etc., Optad360 is an ideal shot. They offer several features that help publishers gain ad revenue with better UX.

Publishers have plenty of monetization options. The most popular approach is display ads. It has now evolved to automated AI-based ads, making monetization complex and simple, which can now be accessed from multiple Google Adx Partners.

Aside from the fact that they work as an advertising network, they also deliver the very latest technologies to their clients. Today’s digital publishers have better options with programmatic advertising.

Optad360 is that type of modern monetization platform. But Optad360 is not suited for small publishers because the requirements are quite high.

And provides various bids, sales, tools, and support. Moreover, provide multiple payment methods and high-quality ad spaces on your website.

But what makes it impressive?

How do you know it will work for your site?

Aren’t there better alternatives?

Now let’s start my Optad360 review to find the answers to those questions.

Optad360 Review

1. Header Bidding Partners

Publishers can place their ad inventory on different ad exchanges using header bidding. There’s an algorithm behind it, and bids are shared with many ad partners to maximize the value of ad space.

HB makes a better competitive auction ground, as all participating demand partners can bid on the ad inventory equally. By increasing competition, you’ll get higher bid prices and higher fill rates.

Optad360 has many Header bidding partners and ad exchanges:

  • Google Adx
  • Index Exchange
  • PubMatic
  • OpenX
  • Xandr
  • Criteo
  • Media.net
  • Spotxchange
  • GumGum
  • 33Across
  • Native ad networks like Outbrain, MGID, Taboola, etc.
Optad360 header bidding partners

Programmatic advertising relies on real-time auctions and ad exchanges.

It means that the bidding process is entirely computerized. Ad exchanges are virtual marketplaces that connect advertisers and publishers in one place.

If you only use Adsense, you will only see ads from Google. Still, if you use a programmatic platform like Optad360, you can access 100+ ad exchanges with higher CPM rates.

Here is an example of Optad360 Ads.txt:

 Optad360 Ads.txt

I recently noticed that programmatic advertising has become increasingly popular among publishers and advertisers. And ad management platforms because header bidding increases earnings while providing more control.

2. Publishers Requirements

 optAd360 requirements

Optad360 does not accept small publishers, but you can try them if you receive at least 50,000 monthly page views. You need a quality website or app with informative articles. They are an approved Google partner, and you are bound to follow Google regulations.

If you have a well-designed site or app with engaging content that meets the traffic requirements, you can use them.

However, some Optad360 requirements depend on the country.

3. Optad360 Registration

The good thing is that they keep things simple.

Submit a form if you have their requirements with the following details:

  • Fille your personal information
  • Select your property, website, or app.
  • Enter your website’s information and traffic statistics.
  • Upload a Google Analytics screenshot with the previous 90 days’ pageviews. Necessary to have visibility for GEO, bounce rates, etc.
Optad360 registration
Optad360 registration: page 2

After you submit your application, they will review it.

At last, look for Optad360 to review your application within three working days.

They will contact you if you have met the standards and ask for information about your site’s details and analytic report. And then other details about your website or app.

If everything is in order, you will be invited to their platform, and your publisher manager will guide you through the following steps.

That’s the I know approach.

4. Video Content Monetization

Optad360 Video Monetization

With Optad360, you have access to ads for your streaming video. To maximize your earnings with video content, they provide in-stream advertising options.

Video ads are beneficial because they reach highly engaged audiences. And I see that Optad360 offers a video player and video hosting service without using third-party apps.

Video content is good for SEO, but the notable concern is that it slows down your site speed because of Iframes. And imagine how they’ll blend with ads.

If you use a cache plugin like FlyingPress, you can avoid the impact. And you will need suitable hosting services with proper server resources.

5. Mobile App Monetization

Optad360 Mobile App Monetization

You can monetize your apps in several ways. Yes, AD is a method that involves showing ads inside the app’s UI. This is something you already know.

There are various kinds of campaigns to display specific ads and earnings via views, clicks, impressions, or sales.

Yes, there is good news.

In addition to working with websites, Optad360 offers solutions to monetize content in mobile apps profitably. One of the most common ways to monetize mobile apps is through ads.

Also, you can benefit from website features like header bidding, Adx, and various ad formats with programmatic ad management strategies. So, if you’re a mobile app developer or owner, give Optad360 a try to get programmatic ad experiences.

6. Useful Features

OptAd360 Useful Features

With OptAd360, you’ll get cutting-edge technology, like an AI Engine, that makes it easier to monetize your ads. This machine-learning technology analyzes and optimizes the ad space on your website in the same way that others do.

So let’s go over them one by one.

One Tag Monetization

One tag feature only requires you to add one tag to your website.

This straightforward solution provides you with access to cutting-edge monetization strategies, and you don’t need to enter tags everywhere because it functions like an auto-ad feature.

Yes, it is one of the perks of the ad programmatic.

Ad Refresh

This is not a new feature. It uses to replace the existing ad with a new one after a specific time (30 sec, 1m, or more). It now uses all AI-based platforms, such as Ezoic, Adthrive, and others, to improve ad impressions and visibility and detect ad slots in user engagement.

What is the advantage?

The most important benefit is a higher ad value because ad refresh allows the display of new ads, promising that users are not constantly seeing the same ads.

More ad impressions mean a higher chance for clicks. In addition, good CPM rates.

Ad layout Detection

Ad layout detection is determined by the website’s specifications, user activity, and device.

It involves figuring out where and how to place ads in different elements, including paragraphs, photographs, titles, buttons, etc., enabling the fully automated selection.

And the use of ad formats such as display, video, and native. This approach can recognize your website’s headers, subheaders, body content, comments, visuals, div sections, HTML classes, and other important parts.

It also includes ad space, size, and many other options.

Ad Categories

You can select which ads appear on your site, like AdSense and Ad Exchange. Choose which ad categories you want on your website.

You can deactivate it if you do not wish for it to be displayed on your site. You can turn down partners and other target platforms.

You can target specific partners if your site’s content is based on a specific niche. If your website is about finance or crypto, read my article about crypto ad networks.

Direct Ad Orders

You can use their platform to traffic any direct ad offers you own. You can create an order with all the specifications prevalent ad servers. It’s easier to control ad placement with direct ad orders, and you get better targeting.

You can benefit from direct ad revenue, establishing connections, and controlling ad inventory and distribution. And yes, there will be more.

Ideal for famous websites. This is a common strategy on sites like “Searchenginejournal.”

Yield Optimization

Yield optimization entails increasing the publisher’s revenue from ad inventory on their website. It also concerns gathering out what’s worth changing and what’s not. I know that yield optimization is a fundamental method for any digital publisher.

Yield Optimization
Source: Incrementx

Technically, a collection of all other features, such as ad placement optimization, categorization, demand partner management, ad refresh, data analysis and visualization, header and other biddings, and many more.

It doesn’t matter how you move; Optad360 can assist.

Revenue Booster

OptAd360 offers a tool called “Revenue Booster,” which optimizes your website’s ad space by adding different formats. It can help on a page constantly positioned in places where possible best fulfill places.

However, it doesn’t always cause significant revenue potential because multiple other factors contribute to your ad revenue.

Y’know, there’s nothing without traffic.

7. Ad Formats

OptAd360 Ad Formats

Optad provides different ad forms, including:

  • Normal Banner ads: the super old ad format. But it is still the king of advertising.
  • Sticky Ad: Sticky ads, otherwise anchor ads, stay floating when users view the content. It remains in the viewport until the user closes it.
  • Pre-roll In-stream Video Ad: This video ad format automatically plays directly before a featured video on mobile and PC. The user experience must be balanced, though, as viewers might find it intrusive or interrupting. Personally, I do not like it.
  • Interstitial Ad: This ad fills the display of the app or website. When you click on other posts, these ads display in between them. Ideal for high click rates.
  • Floating Ad: A special kind of ad that slips into the webpage, also known as an overlay ad. They like pop-up ads but provide a better effect.
  • Parallax Ad: this is the inline ad that shows during scroll. It creates a stylish experience that may grab the user’s interest and increase the overall result of the ad placement. But not always, and it can change based on lots of things,
  • In-feed Native Ad: This is a typical Native Ad, but it displays in the middle of the content rather than at the end of the content or in sidebars.

Here are some examples of Optad360 ads:

Examples of Optad360 advertisements
some examples of Optad360 ads
Optad360 advertisements

Ad Mapper:

OptAd360 also has an “Ad Mapper” tool that automatically shows and loads adaptable ads and better layouts to your website. I think good ad management is the basis for efficient revenue. It considers user behavior, desires, ads, styles, and positions.

Ad Mapper monitors the website, places, and structure in real-time while paying attention to the website’s specifics, the device type, and several other parameters.

8. Payment Details

OptAd360 payments

You don’t have to be worried about OptAd360 payments because they offer four payment options:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Wise
  • Bank transfer

The payout period is 30 days, and the minimum threshold is $100.

Many ad networks only offer one or two payment options (PayPal or wire transfer), but they are good on the side because you can reach them even if some payments do not work in your country. If Paypal is unavailable in your country, you can use Payoneer, Wise, or a bank transfer.

9. Google Certified Partner

Optad360 Google Certified Publishing Partner

Of course, Optad360 is a Google-certified publishing partner. They satisfied multiple conditions, approved as Adx inventory experts. There are numerous other Google ad partners. The most useful part; you can trust them.

They are not scammers because Google doesn’t wish to harm its good reputation. These partners have experienced training and certifications in Google’s publisher tools and platforms.

GCPPs work closely with publishers to deliver technical services and support in monetization, functions, product management, and technology integration.

They can access advanced tools and insights from Google to help publishers manage and monetize their content effectively. Optimize your website’s safety, warn you of any Google violations, and provide actionable insights.

You can use Optad360 to obtain Google’s modern equipment. They can offer strategic suggestions, best techniques, and technical explanations to improve your ad revenue with a better user experience.

Indeed, there are more effective alternatives like Clickio, Mediavine, Raptive, etc.

10. Optad360 vs. Ezoic vs. Mediavine

Optad360 vs. Ezoic vs. Mediavine
Requirements50K page viewsNone60K page views
Speed impactMediumHighMedium
Header bidding
Minimum payout$100$20$25
Routine30 Days30 Days65 days

Optad360, Ezoic, and Mediavine are the same programmatic monetization platforms.

Optad and Mediavine do not accept small publishers and have similar requirements between 50-100K page views, whereas Ezoic accepts all publishers regardless of website size.

Mediavine offers very high CPM rates, and Optad360 and Ezoic are still behind Mediavine but very effective. Ezoic provides more features than monetization, like hosting, video conversion, speed optimization, SEO, etc., and it is tricky to integrate with Ezoic.

If you are a UX guy, I don’t recommend Ezoic because it will slow down your website and make it look poor. Most features are overly bloated; I don’t want those from an ad network. You need to mess with their cache and leap app to optimize.

  • If you are looking for high-income CPM rates, Mediavine is the perfect place to apply but only works with high-quality websites, but the best one nowadays.
  • If you want a plethora of features in addition to monetization, or if you don’t have enough traffic to apply to others, Ezoic is an ideal platform with bloated features. They hurt your website with ads. Still, they’re doing well.
  • If you want a reasonable CPM rate and some nice features, Optad360 is an excellent option. They optimize your ad slots by using CDN and ad refresh.

With these ad networks, they can get multiple benefits and better revenue. Also, have a considerable impact on your page speed. Because ads are third-party codes, you can’t really optimize them. Use a good hosting service and avoid slow plugins.


There, you have my comprehensive Optad360 review.

OptAd360 is an AI-powered ad platform for medium and large publishers. You can get revenue from your website in programmatic ads. It works perfectly as a stand-alone from other tactics. 

They have many selected ad formats, display, native, and video, that adapt to the device’s screen resolution. Not only monetize websites, but they also monetize apps.

You can choose from OptAd360 multiple payment methods with 30-day periods, like Adsense and multiple header bidding partners.

OptAd accepts almost 15+ languages. That’s good because many ad networks only support a few languages, mainly English, but OptAd360 is more reasonable. It’s good for you to write about what you enjoy.

Undoubtedly, there are alternatives to Optad that work more effectively.

So, if you meet their requirements, try out OptAd360.

And it will not cost you anything.

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