8 Best Web Hosting In Europe And the UK with Features, Pros, and Cons

If you are a European user or your target audience is Europe or the UK, here is an in-depth article on the best web hosting in Europe with their features. Most of their data centers are located in Europe/UK. You don’t want your visitor’s ping time to exceed 100 ms.

When choosing a host, consider how fast it can handle and how many visitors it can control. The difference is not only speed but also cost. A faster one can drive more traffic than a slower one. The lack of server resources is the main reason for the lack of speed.

You should select a web host close to visitors and yourself. Local websites should be as close to their users as possible. Imagine the following scenario:

Your target audience is in Europe. Your server is in Australia, which results in a DNS lag of over 100ms from the server to your user. That is truly time-wasting, and a poor user experience can also impact Core Web Vital with slow TTFB with poor connect time.

If most of your visitors are from Asia, Singapore is a better place to host. It also covers Oceania. London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt are better options for targeting European countries. Users in the US can host anywhere in the country’s east, west, or center.

The US east coast is a good choice if your traffic is global, but Oceania users may experience significant delays. But this is no longer a problem because plenty of CDN services and edge cache solutions are available worldwide, no matter where you host.

DNS ping time

Let’s look at the best cloud hosting providers in Europe and the UK, with features, pros, and cons. All companies deliver cloud hosting. They have data centers across Europe.

Best Web Hosting In Europe (Cloud Hosting Providers)

1. Guru-UK

GURU UK-based host

GURU is a UK-based web host, one of the best web hosting in Europe, and Litespeed powers all packages. GURU data center is in London, and all Europeans can benefit from the low latency. They offer various hosting services, from shared to dedicated. Read my Guru Hosting Review for more details about the GURU feature and pros and cons.

1. Shared Hosting

GURU Shared Hosting

Guru offers shared hosting for those who want a simple website host. You have the option of Shared or Shared BOOST. Starting at £7.49/m with 100GB space, 1 TB bandwidth, unlimited domains, emails, cPanel, application, and other critical features for a website.

2. Dedicated Managed Hosting

If you need super-fast performance with millions of users, GURU offers Fully Managed Dedicated Cloud VPS; dedicated servers are considerably cheaper than Cloud services.

Compared to VPS, you get much more equipment for your money. And suitable for dynamic websites. Guru’s first dedicated plan starts at £159/MONTH and includes:

  • 100GB NVMe storage
  • 8GB RAM
  • Fully Managed
  • 4TB data access
  • Off-site backups
  • Dedicated IP address
  • PRO cache layers Redis, Memcached, and LiteSpeed
  • WAF

This impressive betterment helps visitors to enjoy well-hosting speeds without spending too much ($500-1000). Also ideal for medium businesses; even serious websites require more power than shared hosting. Shared hosting can handle 25 to 50K hits monthly, whereas D-servers can handle millions or more, even with a lot of dynamic content.


GURU is a UK-based Europe cloud hosting provider that offers Litespeed, NVMe storage, any PHP version, MariaDB, hourly offsite replications, brute force security, and cPanel.

And many other cutting-edge features that Guru fully manages. They can be more expensive than the average shared hosting. But you can access semi-dedicated resources with GURU rather than overload servers. Have some downtime but not significantly.

2. Rocket.net

Rocket.net logo

Rocket.net is a premium WordPress hosting service, and it doesn’t matter where you are, for example, in Europe, Asia, or the US, because Rocket.net is optimized with edge cache and always has global TTFB under 100 ms. I don’t want to write much about them.

For more info about Rocket.net, see my article: Rocket.net vs. Kinsta Comparison.

Nowadays, Rocket.net is possibly the fastest hosting service because their customized Cloudflare Enterprise CDN can provide an equitably incredible experience to those who visit your site worldwide. No need for any configuration; just pick, and it will work.

Rocket.net Hosting price

And Rocket.net is not for everyone:

  • If you are a newbie, Rocket.net isn’t ideal because it is expensive, starting at $30/m.
  • If you need more storage and bandwidth, I don’t think any premium managed host will suffice; instead, look into VPS or dedicated servers with a reputable company. 
  • Rocket.net will work with that type of site, but it may incur a large bill. For example, if your site requires 1TB+ bandwidth, you must select one of their Enterprise plans, which begins at nearly $650 per month. Undeniably expensive, and you can get three times or more bandwidth from dedicated or VPS servers elsewhere.

However, Rocket.net has more advantages; unlike others like WP Engine or Kinsta, Rocket.net offers plenty of monthly visits; even the first plan offers 250K. And there is no need to worry about PHP workers because Rocket.net provides unlimited. Yes, Rocket.net uses Cloudflare enterprise services with beneficial features. (Polish, Argo, APO, etc.).

Impressive beginner-friendly support. Look at their Trustpilot or other customer review sites to see how good Rocket.net’s support is. There are plenty of other benefits. Don’t take my word. Try Rocket.net with your knowledge because the 1st month is only $1.

3. MechanicWeb


MechanicWeb isn’t an attractive or fancy website. It could be more appealing and better designed. Still, it is very up-to-date in terms of hosting and offers a plethora of features with LiteSpeed web servers. MechanicWeb uses PCIE 4.0 NVMe, which provides multiple times the disk IO speed of standard NVMe or SSD. As a result, any website will load faster.

MechanicWeb servers are placed in 12 data centers spread across five countries. The good news is that they have four data centers in Europe:

  • United Kingdom – 2
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Germany – 1
  • USA – 7
  • Singapore – 1

Most data centers are in the USA (West Coast, Central Coast, and East Coast).

MechanicWeb Hosting Plans

They mainly offer four types of hosting plans:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Semi Dedicated
  3. High-Frequency VPS
  4. Managed Dedicated

1. Shared Hosting

The plus side is that they provide high-frequency CPUs, DDR5 RAM, and PCIE 4.0 NVMe, even with shared hosting. You have three options: smart, value, and power.

Price$4.69 (R:6.26)$6.72 (R:8.96)$9.62 (R:12.83)
NVMe10 GB20 GB30 GB
Free Migration 
Control PanelCpanelCpanelCpanel
High Frequency

Even MechanicWeb Shared Hosting is enough for most websites and far superior to other shared hosts, including popular names like SiteGround, Hostinger, and other crap ones.

I like their no-frills version. Their plans are free of long-term contracts, have clear and straight prices, and have no upfront payments. You simply pay for what you use.

MechanicWeb hosting features

2. Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is similar to VPS in that it is fully managed and suitable for medium- and high-traffic sites with less than 1 million visitors. With these hosting plans, you have nothing to worry about. They provide full security features and are suitable for e-commerce websites requiring more server resources. Optimized for WordPress.

Price$13 (R:17.33)$26.5 (R:35.33)$40 (R:53.33)$53.5 (R:71.33)
NVMe30 GB50 GB100 GB200 GB
Control PanelCpanelCpanelCpanelCpanel
High Frequency

Semi-Dedicated hosting is ideal for WordPress websites because it includes automatic WP optimization with LiteSpeed Cache, which requires no additional work from you.

3. High-Frequency VPS

MechanicWeb offers high-frequency VPS in two types: unmanaged and fully managed. M-Web VPS is only available in three data centers: Germany, Dallas, and Singapore.

They provide nearly 20 different VPS hosting plans; both managed and unmanaged. I won’t be able to include everything in this post. Here’s a quick note about their VPS.

Managed VPS starts at $49 monthly with 4 GB RAM and 2 CPUs. It also includes 100 GB of NVMe, 5 TB of bandwidth, a dedicated IP4, cPanel, WordPress manager, free Redis object cache, full root access, Monitoring, and other important server management features.

Or, choose an extremely powerful VPS with 64 GB RAM and 16 cores with 20 TB BW.

MechanicWeb VPS Prices

Unmanaged VPS from MechanicWeb starts at $12/m and includes 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe, 2 TB bandwidth, and dedicated IPv4. I think this is affordable because you can manage a high-traffic website for less than $30. Suppose you purchase their HF-24 plan, which includes 2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB NVMe, and 5 TB bandwidth for only $19.

Now the question is how to manage this server; the answer is simple: connect it to a hosting control panel like RunCloud, SpinupWP, ServerPilot, Spanel, etc., which costs less than $30. You don’t have to spend much on hosts like Rocket.net, Kinsta, WPE, etc.

Unmanaged VPS from MechanicWeb

MechanicWeb also offers managed and unmanaged dedicated servers from data centers in the USA and Germany. Managed dedicated server starts at $169 monthly with 8 cores, 16 GB RAM, 300 GB NVMe, 8 TB bandwidth, a dedicated IPv4, LiteSpeed server, and cPanel.

MechanicWeb Managed dedicated server

And with Redis, daily backup, and an improved security suite. It is also scalable for 64 GB RAM and costs $449 monthly with 16 CPUs. This is a perfect option for a high-traffic or dynamic website, like an e-commerce or membership website with millions of visitors.

The good news is that this DS is fully managed. All you have to do is start and run. And DS is useful if you use slow plugins like woo commerce, page builders, security plugins, etc.

Also, they offer unmanaged bare metal servers starting at $139/mo with 20 TB bandwidth, DirectAdmin, full root access, MalDet, etc., and up to 128 GB of RAM. This is slightly managed because they offer all your site needs except Litespeed and Cpanel, which can still purchase as add-ons. You can purchase from UK, German, and Dutch data centers.

MechanicWeb unmanaged bare metal servers


With LiteSpeed, High-Frequency servers, and redundant NVMe storage, MechanicWeb is a high-performance hosting solution for any type of website. They’re cheap, not expensive, and have a good hosting benchmark and record of performance without any major incidents. They are not as popular as other crap ones because they do not have aggressive marking or large affiliate commissions. But MechanicWeb is a mature one. Worth a shot.

4. Cloudways


Technically, Cloudways is not a hosting provider. It is a cloud hosting control panel similar to Runcloud, Spanel, CloudPages, GridPane, etc. They quickly gained popularity among both non-technical and techy users. Friendly platform, easy to use, with good features.

But things have changed. So, if you want more information on Cloudways and other WP cloud host control panels, check out my article: The best cloud hosting control panels.

You can choose popular cloud host providers between Digital Ocean, Google, Linode, Vultr, and Amazon. Cloudways is rooted in a control panel and server configuration. 

The cost depends on your server’s size and is lower than managed hosts like Kinsta and wp engine. Unlike Kinsta and others, Cloudways does not charge for viewers, and almost all plans come with 1TB upwards bandwidth that isn’t for Google or AWS servers.

Yes, but things have transformed with Cloudways since they acquired DigitalOcean.

They dropped Vultr and Linode, and it seems DigitalOcean manages hosting services. Old accounts can still access Linode and Vultr, but I’m doubtful about the future.

Cloudways server locations in Europe

They have access to over 60 data centers worldwide, with 15+ server locations in Europe

  • Frankfurt has all providers’ data centers
  • Amsterdam has Digital Ocean and Vultr locations
  • Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands have Google Cloud
  • Sweden, Ireland, and Italy have AWS

1. Digital Ocean

You can use Digital Ocean servers through Cloudways starting at $11 per month. Digital Ocean is acquired Cloudways, and more DO features are coming. DO servers provide two types of hosting services: standard and premium. I don’t see much difference between the two, so the standard is a good and cheap option for most websites and users.

Cloudways Digital Ocean Price

At 11 USD per month, you can get 1GB RAM and 1 Core with 1TB bandwidth, ideal for beginners to kickstart your first project and scale up as you grow.

2. Linode

Cloudways Linode Price

Linode is a great cloud hosting provider that can be handled through the Cloudways control panel. Plans start at $ 14 per month and include 1 GB RAM, 1 CORE, and 25GB storage with 1TB bandwidth, similar to DO but only $3 more expensive. Linode is also fast and stable, with no downtime or other errors. But Linode no longer appears as Linode after being acquired by Akamai. You can no longer use Linode with new accounts.

The $90/month plan includes 8 GB RAM, 4 Cores, 160 GB of storage, 5TB bandwidth, and free Object Cache Pro (REDIS), which is ideal if your website receives a lot of traffic.

3. Vultr

Cloudways Vultr Price

Vultr is similar to Linode and Digital Ocean, but most people are interested in their high-frequency servers because; they have good TTFB and performance with NVME but complain about little downtime. Vultr also has standard servers starting at $14/m.

High-frequency servers start at $16 monthly and have the same server resources. Yes, I still prefer Vultr’s high-frequency servers because they are fast and convenient.

4. Google Cloud

You can use Google Cloud through Cloudways, which is costly because disk size, configurable, and bandwidth is charged as you need. GC plans start at $38/mo and include 1.70GB RAM with 1 Core, 20GB storage, and pay-as-you-go bandwidth.

Cloudways Google Cloud Price

Cloudways uses Google Cloud N2 computers, which are not incredibly fast, so you can use that price for Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr with massive server resources.

5. AWS

AWS is similar to Google Cloud. It is expensive and charges for bandwidth usage. I never recommend it at this price, but if you want to use AWS, Cloudways offers AWS starting at $36.51/mo with RAM 2GB and 2 cores and 20GB storage with pay-as-go bandwidth.

Cloudways AWS Price

Google Cloud and AWS charge for Bandwidth. If you have a high-traffic website or a lot of videos, images, and others that require more Bandwidth, Billing will make you ill.

Use a server like DO/Linode, which has enough Bandwidth for any site and is cheap. I don’t recommend AWS/Google via Cloudways because they are slow and just expensive.


Cloudways is okay, and it has more upsides, such as a fast setup process that allows you to change PHP versions, MySQL, Redis object cache, Varnish, and other features. Cloudways prices are fine; they are not cheap but not too highly priced, especially for DigitalOcean.

Those using shared hosting should consider Cloudways, DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr. You can expect good results, an easy-to-use panel, and nice customer service. You can improve your speed and performance metrics, but it’s not ideal for large or high-traffic websites.

Cloudways has downsides:

  • No email hosting
  • No file manager
  • Charge for offsite backup
  • Hybrid Nginx+Apache servers
  • Lack of technical support
  • Dropped Linode and Vultr
  • Expensive for beginners as well as high-traffic sites.

Try Cloudways, which has nearly 15 data centers in Europe.

5. Krystal-UK


Krystal is an ideal hosting service and a u.k.-based European cloud hosting provider with high availability and acceptable TTFB. Perfect for the European market and the USA.

Krystal’s customer service is excellent, as proven by their Trustpilot profile and a plethora of positive feedback about support. The good news is that all their plans are powered by Litespeed servers, which means you can use the free Litespeed cache plugin to get a fast user experience. No cost for pro cache plugins. But you can use plugins like FlyingPress.

Krystal includes 4 hosting types: 

  1. Standard web hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. Cloud VPS
  4. Enterprise plans
  5. UK Dedicated Servers

1. Standard web hosting

Krystal-UK Standard web hosting

They offer five hosting plans for regular web hosting: Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Tanzanite, and Sapphire. Using Cpanel, you can also install apps like WordPress, Joomla, and many others with a single click.

  • Amethyst: it is suitable for beginners because it only allows 1 site and 10GB space, 1GB Ram/CPU. Cpanel, SSL, off-site backup, unlimited emails, free migrations, and other hosting features. Plans start at 4.99 euros/m and can be paid for 1/3 year.
  • Ruby: designed for average users with medium-sized websites. You get unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, emails, 2GB RAM, and 2 CPU cores. All other features are the same as in the Amethyst plan. Ruby plans start at 9.99 Euros per month.
  • Sapphire: suitable for websites that require large servers. You can get 100 NVME, 3GB RAM/3 Cores, 4 Hour backups, phone support, and other feature offers. Sapphire plans start at 34.99/month, which seems expensive compared to other hosts.
  • Diamond: overpriced, starting at nearly 70 euros per month for 200GB NVME storage, 4GB RAM, and 5 Cores. It is suitable for scaled websites and online stores that require a lot of CPU usage, but it is costly for me. There are cheaper alternatives.
  • Tanzanite: perfect for high-traffic websites like e-commerce. You can access 8 GB RAM/8 Cores, excellent for driving many traffic peaks, unlimited storage, security support, and many advanced features for nearly 100 euros per month.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is not my first choice because it is expensive and charges depending on the number of visits. I wouldn’t say I like that most managed WordPress hosts aren’t even that fast. Managed hosting only provides 5-10GB storage for $20-30. However, if you want it, Krystal offers a reasonable compared to Kinsta/WPengine.

Want fully managed WordPress hosting? Rocket.net is ideal, as it offers optimized edge caching with Cloudflare Enterprise, plenty of monthly visitors, and unlimited PHPW.

Krystal Managed WordPress Hosting

Krystal offers six Managed WordPress Hosting plans for individuals and five business levels. Personal start at 15 euros with only 5 GB SSD and 20K monthly visits, suitable for low-traffic websites. Their final plan is almost 600 Euros. It’s good if you have millions of page hits for months with 2 terabytes of CDN bandwidth, but too pricey for me.

3. Cloud VPS

Krystal provides unmanaged Cloud VPSs. You can upgrade to managed services with a service charge, but the unmanaged service is less expensive and provides full root access.

There are three levels:

  • Base-level
  • Perfect for cPanel
  • High resources
Krystal provides unmanaged Cloud VPS

Prices start at £9.99/month for 1 GB RAM and 1 core with a 25 GB SSD. You can choose the UK, Netherlands, New York, and Pheonix as data centers. You can pick ultra-premium VPS, the K6 with 6 CORE, 12 GB RAM, and 500GB SSD costs £162.99 per month.

You can also select manual resources, meaning if you want CPU-optimized servers, you can add more cores to your plan and RAM and SSD storage as you wish.

4. Enterprise

If you involve Enterprise level services, Krystal Enterprise provides customized services that can help businesses of all sizes evolve and grow. So that’s not much of a regular hosting service; for a large-scale business solution, start at 1000+ euros. Story end.

5. UK Dedicated Servers

Expensive, starting at £300 per month, with 32GB RAM (upgradable), 960GB SSD, and managed as standard. Compared to MechanicWeb, Krystal is more expensive, but it is reliable and suitable for high-scale websites requiring considerable server resources.

UK Dedicated Servers


With over decades of experience, Krystal is one of the best Europe cloud hosting providers, u.k.-based data centers, and has DC in the Netherlands and the United States. They use cutting-edge technologies, LITESPEED servers, MariaDB, and NVME storage and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. They are well-known for their immediate support.

6. HostArmada


I’ve tried HostArmada and highly recommend it. The features and service are first-rate, the price is low, and the support is immaculate. The average user can choose HostArmada.

They also provide VPS and dedicated servers for power users using Linode Cloud hosting servers. It also offers two data centers in Europe, one in London and one in Frankfurt.

And when compared to hosts that are aggressively promoted, HostArmada’s price is so affordable that it is incredibly inexpensive. This company is only three or four years old but is growing fast because of its price and features. HostArmada has various hosting solutions, including shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers that are fully managed.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses and average users with low to medium-traffic websites. All Shared plans include daily backups, cPanel, free migration, SSL, malware removal, and other standard features with a 45-day money-back guarantee. You do not need to use security plugins with shared hosts because they are already optimized.

HostArmada Shared Hosting Plan

HostArmada provides three shared plans:

  1. Start Dock
  2. Web Warp
  3. Speed Reaper with LiteSpeed.
  1. Start Dock: NGINX server. And it is ideal for small businesses with fewer than 20,000 page views. You will also receive a 15 GB SSD, 2 Cores CPU, 2 GB RAM (SHARED), FREE Domain for long-term contracts, backups, WAF, and standard hosting features. The plan starts at 2.59/mo for a discount, and renewals can gain twice.
  2. Web Warp: it is suitable for less than 50K hits with some established websites. You can get 30 GB SSD, 4 RAM, and 2 cores in a shared environment. Includes unlimited emails, applications, Cpanel, NGINX cache, and other basic hosting features. Web Warp starts at $3.59/mo, and the Normal Price is possibly $15+.
  3. Speed Reaper: my favorite plan with LiteSpeed, and it’s ideal for even 100K reach websites. It’s optimized with extra features like HTTP/3, server-level cache, Memcached, OpCache, Brotli, private DNS, 40GB storage, 6 cores, and 6GB RAM. It starts at $4.19 but can be renewed for $20. At about this cost, it’s great.

2. Reseller Hosting

If you are a freelancer or starting a small web hosting company, HostArmada Reseller Hosting is ideal because it is white-labeled. Come with a lot of features.

HostArmada Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting plans start at 17.82/mo for 50 cPanel accounts and go up to 200 cPanel accounts for nearly 50 USD. You will receive multiple PHP versions, cron jobs, unlimited email, unlimited MySQL, drush, PHP frameworks, and other developer-friendly features.

3. Cloud VPS

HostArmada provides reliable, managed cloud VPS hosting at all levels. They provide four VPS plans for small to large projects:

  1. Web Shuttle
  2. Web Voyager
  3. Web Raider
  4. Site Carrier
HostArmada VPS

Web Shuttle costs $ 45/month for 1 Core, 2 GB RAM. It includes 50GB Storage/2TB bandwidth with 5 cPanel and is suitable for users with less than 100K monthly page hits.

Include NGINX servers and backups, technical support, five cPanel accounts, free migration, enough bandwidth, malware protection, and Memcache as Object cache.

HostArmada offers advanced VPS plans for massive projects with 6 CPUs and 16 GB RAM or even more. All VPS plans include a 1-click application installer, cPanel, ROOT access, server monitoring, WAF/Malware protection, load balancers, and other features.

4. Dedicated Servers

If you require a high-scale hosting solution with a lot of power, HostArmada dedicated servers are the perfect solution for advanced users with a lot of traffic. Moreover, it is useful if you use a lot of plugins and WordPress themes with extensive content.

All come with Full ROOT access, NGINX servers, Firewalls, and a wide range of server resources starting at 4 Cores, 8 GB RAM, and 5 TB Bandwidth at 104.30/mo.

HostArmada Dedicated Servers

If you have a lot of traffic and at least half a million hits per month, a dedicated server is the most suitable solution with rapid TTFB. Dedicated servers are appropriate if you require effective machines to deliver complex dynamic content that cannot be cached.

But you need a budget of at least $150/m (dedicated servers start at that price).


HostArmada is fine, but they recently raised their prices slightly and still lack some features, such as Redis and Litespeed, only for the Speed Reaper plan, putting them behind some of their competitors. About the positives, they use cloud hosting on Linode with proper resources. Also, have negatives like limited space, resource limitations, high renewal prices, etc. All have benefits and drawbacks, and HostArmada is no exception.

7. ScalaHosting


ScalaHosting” yeah, it is a strange name, but it is a fast hosting service specializing in VPS at a reasonable price. It is your classic hosting company, providing Shared hosting and VPS custom servers. They developed their own cloud hosting control panel, “SPanel.”

ScalaHosting has only three data centers: 

  • Two in the United States (Dallas and New York)
  • One in Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria)

This should be enough for most European customers. ScalaHosting mainly offers three web hosting services: managed cloud VPS, self-managed VPS, and shared hosting.

Shared HOSTING is cost-effective. You can get this if you want to try out their facility, but I’d recommend getting one of the VPS plans…as that is their primary unique stuff there.

Scala Shared Hosting

ScalaHosting Shared hosting is not best suited, but you can experiment with three different plans: Mini, Start, and Advanced. Shared hosting is okay if you only have one simple website. However, VPS is the way to go if you want a true Scala experience.

  1. Mini: enough for one site with low traffic. You have 20GB, a free domain, unlimited emails, and offsite backups. This is not a one-month plan; you should buy a 12-36-month plan; 12-month plans begin at $6.95 per month. One month is too expensive.
  2. Start: same as in the MINI. You receive 50 GB of storage and free Malware protection. Plans for 12 months start at $8.95 monthly with other basic hosting features.
  3. Advanced: suitable for the average user with medium-traffic websites, including 50GB storage, the highest level of security, staging, unlimited emails and websites, and priority support requests. 12-month contracts start at $11.95 per month.
ScalaHosting Shared hosting

Scala Managed VPS Hosting

This is ScalaHosting’s most popular product. You have an effective VPS server with their self-developed SPanel, which is very straightforward to use and powerful, as well as the option to set up LiteSpeed, which is quick, and also you can use LiteSpeed Cache.

The price is a little high because they provide managed hosting services with extensive features, which makes them close to the top of the typical web-hosting services.

You can also customize their servers to your needs.

  • General Purpose: If you want balanced server resources (CPU CORES, RAM, and storage) General Purpose is a good. It starts at $49.95/mo for a one-month plan but drops to $39.95/mo for a 12-month plan with 2GB RAM, 2 Cores, and 50GB NVMe.
  • Site Popularity: you can set the number of monthly visits, such as if you have less than 300,000 page views, the starter plan is enough, and the price remains the same.
  • CPU-Optimized: if you want CPU-optimized servers, which means more cores than other resources, that is good if you Non-stop run complex processes and no-cached content, and even the price starts at the same. Suitable for e-commerce.
  • Storage-Optimized: suitable for large websites with many graphics, such as images, videos, and other large storage files. Not recommended for standard websites.
ScalaHosting Managed VPS Hosting

3. Entry Cloud

Scala Entry Cloud WordPress LiteSpeed Hosting plan is ideal for medium-sized websites with up to 100k PV because it includes fixed server resources, two CPU cores, and 2 GB RAM. Extra features include daily offsite backups, a dedicated IP address, unlimited sites, OpenLiteSpeed server, 50GB upgradeable NVMe, white labeling, and other useful features with increased security.

You can buy it in three terms: 

  1. 1 Month: expensive, with monthly rates starting at $29.95
  2. 12 Months: $19.95 per month
  3. 36 Months: the cheapest option, $14.95 per month, but it is risky.
Scala Entry Cloud plan

Scala entry cloud plan is ideal if you’re interested in LiteSpeed with sPanel and is only cheap if you choose a long-term contract (12/36m). If not, even Cloudways is affordable.

4. Self-managed VPS

Self-managed VPS is ideal for experienced users knowledgeable with server admin because there is no management from the hosting side, so you must do everything yourself. However, ScalaHosting’s Self-managed VPS is designed for heavy users.

So you cannot get low server resources such as 1GB RAM or CPU cores.

ScalaHosting Self-managed VPS

You have complete control with full responsibility for everything; moving uncontrolled is much more cost-effective and possibly provides excellent features. You can select OS, CPU/RAM, storage, server(LiteSpeed), cPanel, and bandwidth, starting at $60/mo.

ScalaHosting VPS is considerably cheaper than managed WordPress hosting. Having a medium or high-traffic website with 100K+ monthly page views is excellent because you have a shitload of server resources that never slow down as overload servers.


ScalaHosting has fair prices and high-quality facilities. The UI and console provide a better user experience. Everything seems classic and simple to use, with setups with a simple touch. Performance is fast. Nothing incredibly fast, but suitable for most sites.

Some cPanel things are unavailable in SPanel, and it’s not a big deal as it is a portable option. It can be difficult for beginners who want many features. Shared hosting is terrible and needs more effects, and they do not encourage it as strongly as VPS. I like the Scala Entry Cloud plan because it is feature-rich and inexpensive long-term with Litespeed.

8. OVHcloud

OVHcloud Europe Cloud Hosting Provider

OVH is a leading cloud hosting service in Europe, claiming it’s the industry’s most affordable website hosting company. OVH may have a lot of amazing functionality.

But the word isn’t so positive when it comes to usability. And there are many negative reviews concerning their support, features, uptime, and confusing user Interface.

However, they are outstanding in terms of performance, but during their uptime checks, they were both good and bad. And you may not notice any differences in eyes.

Remember that OVHcloud is not for beginners because they do not provide beginner support like other hosts. And you can only get support on the hosting side issues rather than reasons like apps or other beginner things, so if you are a beginner, look another.

OVHcloud Data Centers

OVHcloud is not only for Europe; they also have data centers in other countries.

You can see 33 OVHcloud data centers in:

  • France
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • UK
  • Singapore

The location of data centers is a significant aspect of a hosting service and customers. And the majority of OVH data centers are located in Europe. Therefore, no matter where you are in Europe, you can find the closest data center from OVHcloud.

OVHcloud Hosting Plans

OVHcloud provides a wide range of hosting plans at different price ranges. And has the cheapest plans of any host I’ve tried. Because OVHcloud does not provide advanced support, making it is perfect for knowledgeable average users with hosting and setup.

Standard Web Hosting

This is ideal for creating your website or launching your blog, business website, or online store. Optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You have three options. 

OVHcloud web hosting plans
  • Personal Hosting: good for a new website/blog with minimal traffic. It includes 100GB disk space, a free domain for a year, email accounts, automatic backup, and other basic hosting features. Start at $4.39 with the OVHcloud control panel.
  • Professional Hosting: suited for the average website with less than 50K monthly visitors. For $7.69, it includes more features like 250 GB storage and 100 emails.
  • Performance Hosting: This is actually VPS, and you get assured server resources and the option of 1 core 2GB RAM to 4 core 8GB RAM. And it’s great for medium to high-traffic websites, online stores, and multi-site projects, even with millions of page views. It starts at $13.19. It includes 500 GB of storage and 1000 email addresses.

VPS and Bare Metal 

OVHcloud offers Virtual Private Servers at a low cost, with 1 vCore and 2 GB servers starting at around US$7. Also, these are unmanaged, and you must have basic system administration knowledge. It is vital for operational system management/app setup.

Do you think you may require a VPS but have rare technical skills? You should opt for managed hosting. However, if you are a geek, OVH offers affordable VPS.

Pricing and features of OVHcloud VPS

You can select with or without commitment plans, which means you can choose one month or at a discounted price for 12 or 24 months. But, if you only want to test, you should go without commitment and remember to take down your renewal info.

Ovh VPS include root access, API, ipv4 address, scalable storage and Cpanel, or Plesk,

But you’ll have to pay extra for auto backup and additional backup storage. European customers can choose DC between Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Roubaix/Strasbourg.

OVHcloud offers various hosting services, like large dedicated servers for any size business, starting at $62 per month. Hosting for storage and backups, ad networks, database servers, crypto platforms, gaming servers, and more heavy-use cases.


Whenever it looks as if it’s nice, some hosts can deliver speedy, durable hosting at extremely cheap rates. Without question, OVHcloud is an attractive choice if you require hosting in Europe, and I was thrilled with what it delivers and its lowest prices.

OVHcloud’s servers are fast, but the only problem is the little downtime. OVH is ideal for large use cases that require more server resources than standard websites or apps.

OVHcloud customer support is minimal, and the reason behind it is very cheap. If you know about web hosting and don’t mind about support (like me), OVH Cloud may work for you. If you’re new to web hosting, you should look for another fully managed one.

With CDN

Otherwise, CDN services like KeyCDN can help reduce latency between servers and visitors by smartly routing them to the nearest mirror server based on where the user connects. A CDN is required if your traffic is global or far from your web server.

It is unnecessary if your traffic is primarily local, although it can benefit local users. Another factor is the host speed. A CDN can help reduce the load on an overloaded host.

The primary advantage of CDN is global low TTFB and connect time, which can be dramatically reduced by using CDN. It improves the user experience and even SEO.

Look at these examples:



TTFB without CDN

TTFB without CDN

CDNs are extremely useful for increasing the speed of static files and other media on your web page. As a result, rather than only serving users near your web host, you can provide a decent user experience worldwide. Most users can expect fast load times because they connect to a proximity server rather than your ORIGIN server. Helpful for your host.


Choose the exemplary web host service with a nearby data center. If you are a Europe customer or your target traffic is in Europe, choose a provider that meets your needs.

You should select a proper server location for your visitors, even yourself. Shared hosting is helpful for small sites with low traffic (fewer than 50k hits per month). VPS and cloud hosting are ideal for medium- to high-traffic sites with up to 1-2 million monthly hits.

A dedicated server is best suited for large sites with a high traffic volume, millions of visitors, and heavy websites with many pages and dynamic content. Serious works.

I hope you got some assistance with my article about the best web hosting in Europe.

Leave a word if you have any suggestions/thoughts.

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