Best Website Tools In 2023

On this page, you can explore some of the website tools I use and also recommended by other experts.

Recommended Hosting Services

Here are my top hosting recommendations, which I also use. I don’t want to refer you to a poor hosting service for affiliates. There are undoubtedly other good hosts; check out my web hosting articles.

Cloudways Logo Png

Things have changed since Digital Ocen acquired it, but Cloudways is still suitable for average websites with useful features. Read this: Cloud Hosting Control Panels. Logo Png

Fully managed modern WordPress hosting with Cloudflare Enterprises. You can get less than 100 ms TTFB anywhere in the world. Read this vs. Kinsta.


A UK-based hosting service that offers LiteSpeed. A little expensive but more than just overload shared hosting. Suitable for serious creators in Europe. Read Guru Review.

WordPress Resources

There are a lot of paid and free themes and plugins out there. Here are some of my preferred themes and plugins. More information can be found in my WordPress section.

FlyingPress Logo JPG

The best WordPress cache plugin, with a modern UI with robust features. With a few simple clicks, you can easily pass any page metrics, Gtmetrix, including the core web vitals. Read comparison.

Generatepress Theme Logo Png

A fast and mature theme that is also suitable for the average user with a basic understanding of WordPress and coding. With over 100 starter templates, the premium version is the best option.

Blocksy theme logo png

Blocksy is the most feature-rich WordPress theme, with plenty of customization even with the free version. The pro version is powerful, with advanced features (mega menu, content blocks).

LiteSpeed Cache Logo  Png

The best free cache plugin with plenty of features with server-level caching. Includes special features that others don’t have. But require a LiteSpeed host or Quic.Cloud.

WP Fluent Forms Logo

The best WordPress forms plugin, even the free version, is great with enough features. Easy and integrated spam protection. The visual customizations are ideal.

Site Kit by Google Logo Png

A useful free plugin for Google products. You don’t need to use other paid plugins to set up GA and Search Console. You can do all with the official recommendations.

Recommended CDNs

CDN is an effective technique to speed up your website while improving site security and server protection. Here are some good CDN services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloudflare Logo Png

Popular application security platform and the fastest CDN service. Even the free version is sufficient for small sites, and you can use paid addons such as Argo, APO, and Load Balancing to speed up.

BunnyCDN Logo Png

Bunny CDN is the best deal for your money and one of the fastest CDN services out there. Also a very affordable and effective option for small and medium-sized businesses. With 115+ Pops.


The best combination with LiteSpeed cache, full page cache at the edge, and plenty of other site and image optimization features. If you’re using LiteSpeed, your CDN should be Quic.Cloud.